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~We're headed to Venus..

Here is a list of writing projects that I should pick up while I am on LOA.

1.) Get chapter 11 of "A Kiss Before Dying" written. Corrine and Magus need some serious love. ^_^
2.) Smutfic of Citan and Sigurd set to the song, "Keep Me in the Dark" by Arcadia which is the companion fic to "Sunrise".
3.) The song "Look Away" by Chicago seems like it would be a good fic from Sigurd's pov. I am toying with that song and the concent.
4.) Doing a all comprehensive Xenogears songfic set to "The Final Countdown" by Europe. That has been in my head for the past couple of years though.. especially when they go on to fight Deus.
5.) A Krelian songfic set to the song "Heaven Coming Down" by The Tea Party
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