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This is what the stars have to say about my drinking style *ahees*

Virgo Drinking style:
Cerebral Virgos are compelled to impose order onto
their bender. Their famously fussy quest for
purity could lead to drinking less than other
signs, sure -- but it could also lead to
drinking booze neat, to sucking down organic
wine or just to brand loyalty. They rarely get
fully shellacked -- but, oh, when they do!
Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but
there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and
they let it loose when walloped. It's dead
sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy). As one Virgo
friend used to declare, "I'm going to
drink myself into a low level of intelligence
tonight." A toast to the subgenius IQ!

Alcohoroscopes- what do the stars say about your drinking style
brought to you by Quizilla

You know, that is -right-

I have been known to be very coherent when drunk.. so coherent in fact that many have tried to hit on me while I have been in my cups. That and I am coherant and a little less inhibitated. If you want a piece of me, the best time to take advantage of me is when I am drunk.. because my nobility doesn't kick in so much. ^_^

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