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*********Now is your chance*********
I want to know about you!

1. List something about yourself, a physical feature that you like about yourself! It can be any body part!

I love my hands.. they are small and artistic.. and the wrists are so thin without looking anorexic. I also like my green eyes because green eyes, well I think they are rare, but I have them. I wouldn't trade in my green eyes for anything

2. Best subject in college or highschool?

I was always the best at history. I liked it.. I also liked Biology but only because the dissection part morbidly appealed to me.

3. What bug/s do you hate the most?

I think I don't like spiders.. they always freak me out.

4. Have you ever read 1984?

No, but I've read "Phantom of the Opera" Which is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.

5. What is your favorite genre/s to read?

I am a regency romance reader. I love that era. 1800 - 1820. I like stories about independant women who fall in love with rakes. I love reading about women that know how to intellectually -one-up- men. Independance is sexy.. *mrowrs*

6. Do you shop when you feel needy?

No, I don't.. but then I really don't like to go shopping unless I absolutely have to.

7. Is Starbucks a place where I might run into you? I love Starbucks!

I think perhaps so. If we had a Starbucks, I'd probably be in and out of there.. I love the smell of coffee shops.. there is something soothing and yet energizing about them

8. Have you been to see a performance by the Blue Man Group? Would you go if you could?

No, I have no clue what they are. *sweatdrops*

9. Are you a person who likes to go with or without shoes? What is your comfort zone where shoes are concerned?

I don't wear shoes everywhere but I don't like to go barefoot. I like socks and I am always wearing them. I heart socks!

10. Would you eat Tofu if I served it to you? Let's say in a stirfry dish.

I make it a point to try something at least once.. just better not -tell- me what is in it. My dad made the mistake of telling me he was frying up some chitlins and told me what they were.. so I tried them but with my mind automatically making up my mind that I would not like them

11. Best job and worst job?

Babysitting was my best job.. worst job would have to be K-mart. *blahs*

12. Tell me about a professor/teacher that you love! (Can be past or present)

Mrs. Howard. I could tell her anything and she would let me write on my novel in class. She was an english teacher and she inspired creativity.

13. Tell me about a professor/teacher that you hate! (Can be past or present)

Mrs. Parker was evil.. oh I wish I could go on about her but I can't.. at least not without getting Nam-esque flashbacks

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