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~A Thank You~

First of all I would like to thank superelectra for the beautiful thoughts and wishes she sent my way. It was really wierd because I read what you sent and I checked my email.. and it was like checking it made me a bit more alert to it's presence. I can feel him.. thank you so much, you made me cry in all my hangover'd glory (Because Nia got drunk last night)

rocaille, I am sorry about last night.. the cats were being pains and then when I was done, the alchohol I realized was making me very sleepy. So I skipped out, sorry we did not get to finish.

lostangelssong, I am sorry I didn't hang around either to watch you get back.. once again cat emergancy. I -did- get your email though so no fear.

And with that being said, I am going to make a followup to the songfic, "Reach up into the Sunrise" because my muses are demanding I be smutty. (*actually is demanding.. they are trying to protest*) It will probably be to the Duran Duran song, "My Antartica" which is a lovely song.

And none of the songs I downloaded last night I -like-.. Blah.. so my count remains at 1519.

*hugs everyone*
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