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~Reach out for the Sunrise...~

Here is the songfic that I promised you as the plot bunnies decided that they wanted to gnaw on me and not let go until I actually wrote it all.

Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Sigurd Harcourt and Citan Uzuki (Who would of thought! ^_^)
Warnings: Nothing except club dancing.. though at times that can be -just- as bad as regular sex..
For all of those who are curious as to what this pair looks like.. they are both featured in my icon.. though you should know what they look like.. this is just for all the new people on my list.

Nearly full sized picture of both of them

"The music's between us..."

The club in Bledavik was filled to the brim on this balmy summer night. It was alot cooler in the club then outside and that was saying quite a bit what with the pulsing bodies out there on the dance floor and everyone packed like sardines. Different scents wafted on the air, the most predominate one was of course the charged fragrance of sex that looped through and around the writhing bodies on the dance floor. The other ones were alchohol which flowed freely and then the traces of overstrong cologne mingled with sweat.

A lone figure sat at the bar, calmly observing the dancing going on. It was no secret that he had been dragged to this club by the gang on the Yggsdrasil. It had been Bart's great idea(tm) and he had very quickly taken it upon himself to make sure that everyone of age came regardless of whether they wanted to or not. Now Citan had never been a social butterfly and that was why he was warming this stool at the bar counter. Perhaps it was a family man mentality but then he had been this way even -before- he had married Yui and fathered Midori. A nature that was innately calm and staid.

He flicked back a lock of raven hair and glanced around the dance floor with a fairly amused smile. He could see Fei with Elly and Bart, doing a sort of group dance which looked somewhat complicated and yet he knew it was just a product of moving the body to the music. Very carefully he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glanced toward the door where Rico was giving wrestling tips to the bouncer at this establishment. At least Rico could find something to amuse himself as well. Billy, well Billy was hovering around the DJ booth and requesting music that he thought the group would enjoy, being the type of guy that put the needs of the group before his own. Tendancies that bordered on the martyristic and yet Citan could not find that he was all that much surprised.

His gaze alighted on the last one of the group. This one managed to hold his gaze longer then the others. Perhaps it was because this man, this man moved with a natural grace and raw, almost sensual, poetry. The music carried him far beyond where the others were right now, gracing him with whispers of hot sheets and desires best left to the nighttime. Citan could not help himself from staring at this man, the undulating of the hips while the flash of a silver belly ring spasmed underneath pulsating lights.

"Now the time has come,
The music's between us
Though the night seems young
It's at an end".

He tried to convince himself that the reason that his gaze followed Sigurd was because of purely aesthetic reasons. That stray locks of hair flicked back and forth, occasionally barring the glimpse of an eye so blue that the angels could drown in it, the other eye shielded forever more by the black leather of an patch. Very carefully Citan's fingers reached up to tug at the collar of his very proper and very complicated shirt as if the heat in the club had -finally- gotten to him. Never mind the fact that him and Sigurd were going through an 'off-phase' where Citan felt guilty about the little relationship that he was having with Sigurd on the side. A paltry attempt to try to redeem himself. Though quite honestly that was like locking the barn after the cows had been stolen.

He caught sight of Sigurd finally noticing him sitting there at the bar counter and that smile that spread over his lips. It was a look that was nowadays rare on Sigurd's face though Citan had professed to seeing the look many times back in their carefree youth back at Jugend. It was a look that boded mischief. In response Citan raised an indolent brow. Using that unspoken communication that they had grown so used to, something that had never really diminished even after all these years.

A challenge sent even as Sigurd started to dance his way past a few couples and making his way predatorily toward Citan's perch. Still moving those hips, still swaying to the beat that echoed through the club. Citan's breath caught at the primal desires that almost seemed to catch and hold in Sigurd's eye and he knew without a doubt -who- was the hunter and hunted.

"Only change will bring,
You out of the darkness
In this moment everything
Is born again."

Sigurd's body still moved as the man approached. ~Does that man stop for -anything-?~ Citan thought to himself as his nostrils picked up the exotic smell of sake on Sigurd's breath. He ran his tongue rather nervously over his lower lip and then his teeth sunk down on that same lip as Sigurd's hand brushed lightly against his shoulder, to steady himself as he leaned toward the good doctor's ear.

"Dance with me, Hyu.."

Like old times perhaps? Citan did not know though he remembered quite a few times where they would put on music in their dormitories and allow the music to take control. And usually due to Sigurd's preferences, it was something that radiated heat and grinding bodies.

"I am dreadfully out of practice and dreadfully set in my ways, Sigurd. Perhaps you should ask someone else to dance." Citan said, making up an excuse.. any sort of an excuse so that he could escape going out on that dance floor and drawing unnecessary attention to himself.

"That won't cut it, I want -you-.." Even though Sigurd could have his choice of -any- dance partner in this place, he still chose Citan. Somehow that thought gave Citan a pleased feeling at the pits of his stomach. Filling him with a inner warmth that had nothing to do with the heat inside the club.

"Very well then, do not laugh at me if I stumble all over your feet."

"Reach up for the sunrise
Put your hands into the big sky
You can touch the sunrise,
Feel the new day enter your life."

Sigurd evidentally would hear nothing of it for in the space of a few moments he had grabbed those slender and artistic fingers and all but dragged the doctor to his feet and started to tug the hesitant man through the throng of people, and toward a hole in the dance floor that had almost seemed to be anticipating their advent into it.

Once there, Sigurd turned around and gave Citan a look that was as sexy as sin. No doubt fueled by the sake that was running it's course through his system. Not that Citan minded however that look almost had him melting onto the dance floor like his 16 year old self would of done back an what seemed like an eternity ago. Slowly and yet to Citan it seemed like a whirl, Sigurd had placed one of his hands on Citan's hip and started to draw him closer. He moved his hips in a rhythem and then leaned toward Citan's earlobe and whispered low enough not to be heard save for Citan's ears.

"Lose yourself to the music.. like you used to. I know you can do it, just follow my lead and let it all come back to you." The breath danced upon Citan's ear and he sighed softly as he closed his eyes. His own hips establishing a counter-rhythem to match Sigurd's. It was amazing how quickly these things could come back to you, a fleeting whisper of a memory could dance around and play against feelings, insparking actions that one had thought long since been stored away for memories sake.

"Hmmm yes.. that's the way to move, Hyu."

"Reach up for the sunrise
Put your hands into the big sky
You can touch the sunrise,
Feel the new day enter your life."

The air had always been charged with the sexual tension between them, however in the space of a few moments it had magnified tenfold so that they could not -breathe- without inhaling the undercurrents of the feelings playing like an orchestrated game of ping pong between them. Chocolate brown eyes locked with sapphire blue for a millisecond. However that was all it needed for it to register the intentions of the night caught up in the emotional complexities of a simple little dance.

Pulling Citan closer still while his hand reached over to undo the red hair ribbon that kept Citan's hair from spilling all over his shoulders. A pull and the ribbon came undone in his hands, spilling thick ebony locks everywhere. Locks which he buried his fingers in almost hungrily and refused to let go of them.

Citan placed one hand on Sigurd's broad shoulder, while the other one went to press against Sigurd's chest as if trying to systematically pull him close and yet push him away. Their eyes never left each other as body moved against body and memories followed after memories. A rebirth of sorts, born out of the music that surrounded them.

While hesitant at first, it was so easy to lose his inhibitions like this. To forget that they were surrounded by dancing people at all angles. As his eyes slid closed and his head arched back, long black hair swaying with each decadent in and out movement. For a moment in time, Dr. Citan Uzuki became a little less inhibited, at least for as long as this music went on and it left both of them never wanting the music to end, for if it never ended then there would be no reason to leave each other's embrace like this.

"Now the fire fall burns
We go around together
As the planet turns..
Into the light"

Sigurd shifted Citan mid dance so that now Citan's back was pressed up against his. One arm draped around Citan's waist and lightly playing with the pink sash while another arm kept Citan where he could not escape, wrapped across that green silk clad chest and shoulders. Their hips rocked back and forth in near perfect and uninterrupted harmony, barely phased by the subtle shifting of positions.

A position that was reminiscent of hot sheets and sultry forbidden whispers. Of many a night shared between them so far on this journey however given more strength in this public arena. Sigurd's lips lowered and Citan could feel hair shoved away from skin as a lingering kiss was pressed against the nape of his neck. He almost caught fire then and there, like gasoline spread across the ocean's surface. All it would take was a single match dropped down in order to create fire on the water. A temptation that Citan knew he would not be able to resist, he barely was able to resist it in the past.

The dance was affecting both of them, the proximity created a safe haven for both of them to indulge in these fantasies, these whims that had taken possession of them along with the music.

"Something more then dreams do,
Watch out for each other
Because we know what it means
To be alive."

"Lose yourself to me..." That was the next whispered word and that illicited a low barely audible groan from Citan's lips at the innuendo that was charged. All he knew was that to touch against it was to get shocked, shocked with something that he could not control. So why fight it, why fight what was brewing between them. Tonight was not the time to think of Yui or Midori. That would surely come as the dawn touched the sky but the night.. the inky blackness of it, the pulse of bodies and the pounding music. All these were laid on the altar of his love for Sigurd. Something that had never completely died and it had been so easy to ressurect it. Just a look, just a chance brush and it all stirred within him again. Bringing him to life much like an emotional zetasol for the soul.

His body answered Sigurd's plea in a way that words could never hope to achieve. Lips softly tugging against an earlobe, lathing as their bodies imitated what seemed like a thousand sexual acts of intimacy. Acts that reverberated through the wellspring of time.

Breathing quickened, most importantly Citan's. The crescendo of the music, almost like a shifting electronic representation of an orgasm. The pounding of Citan's heart and the feel of Sigurd's heart against his back did not help matters either. Nothing helped but rather everything seemed to be the kindling that would ignite the fire.

And ignite the fire it did, a fire that would burn long after the music ceased to play. A fire that would not just stop this night but would systematically simmer, burn and flame as the days and the journey went on. Only in moments like these could they both admit it to each other, not with words, no.. but with the tangible motions of a simple dance

But one which held all the complexities of a hundred promises, a thousand words and a million regrets.

All of which would not be remembered until the sunrise brought duty and the day heralded time for thought.

"Reach up for the sunrise
Put your hands into the big sky
You can touch the sunrise,
Feel the new day enter your life."

"Sunrise {Jason Nevins Remix}" by Duran Duran

Songfic by Nia Westphal.

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