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~In this moment everything is born again~

This song.. is giving me fic ideas. (*gasphorrorohno!*)

Of course it is sort of a ripoff of Ademus and Shuurin's first time.. except not really because it would not be Citan and Sigurd's first time and it would be sort of an AU fic since I cannot imagine there being any dance clubs in Solaris.

Citan: There is a tattoo/piercing parlor and an ice cream shop there according to you, so why can there not be a dance club.

Hmmm.. yes, Citan has a point. Of course I do not even want to -know- what the ice cream would be made of.

Ghost milk?

*dies giggling*

Well it could technically take place in Bledavik. I am sure Bledavik would have some clubs... and Sigurd would drag Citan to a few of them much to Citan's better judgement.

So now this songfic is begging me to write it. *gets out inspiration pen*

*blows kisses to pretty girls*
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