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You know, there are just some artists that I wouldn't mind getting more of their music. And so I shall put my list up for everyone's perusual. Being of course that I am a ::very:: big music fan. Granted most of that music is J-pop or Asian in nature.

List of groups that I have pathetically little of that I really -do- dig


Aiko Kitahara* (Very big one.. I love her usage of spanish guitars.. *shivers*)
Akane Sugazaki
Baby V.O.X
Bon-Bon Blanco
Emi Hinouichi
Harisu* (Also major.. her Temptation remix gets me hot for some strange reason... I think it is because I think of sex in a nightclub.. *mrrhs*)
Hirose Koumi
La'Cryma Christi* (Even though I have like 10 of their songs.. I just love the way their beats.. and oh the pr0n beat in Sanskrit Shower.. *shivers*)
Nana Katase (I have not heard anything from her that I -haven't- liked
Olivia Lufkin (*shivers* Her voice.. truly angelic)
D&D (Dance and Dream.. Olivia was the fronts person for that group for a time. I have an english song, I'd love to hear some japanese stuff though)

There is my wish list.. *sniffles*

Oh yes, I have decided to use smaller font.. because I like how it looks. ^_^

I hope you guys aren't squinting too much.

Small font magnifies my small self esteem.

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