Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


You know, I have 5 pieces of writing on my writing account. And what is the one mostly looked up?

"All Along the Water" The Akio and Anthy -incest- songfic which is -not- my greatest work.

Though I did recieve 50 gift points for my songfic, "Dreams Come True", a songfic which I am -very- proud of. I have alot of Corrine and Magus het stuff.. I am slowly going through my songfic folder and pasting them in.

I also need to send Electra and Kuro those songs that I selected that remind me of them.

Poor Citan. The mental anguish me and Kuro are putting him through. He's being blackmailed by ID.. -_- It is not even remotely pleasant. *blahs*
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