Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Oh gods.. Xenogears plotting at it's finest~

OneWingedHyu: There will be one scene in Solaris where you are like.. "Oh gods.. Citan and ID are gonna do it!"
Deus Ex Mun: **snickers** Shit.. I need to get to that part of the game! **dies**
Deus Ex Mun: **highly suspects ID of forcing himself on Citan**
Deus Ex Mun: **eyes the sleeping still half-formed ID Muse fearfully**
OneWingedHyu: Ooooh that would be ain interesting bit of drama
OneWingedHyu: Wonder if ID -didn't- like Sigurd.. because ID was in love with Citan.. -_-
OneWingedHyu: However Citan and Sigurd are a couple, and Fei and Bart are
Deus Ex Mun: **nods**
OneWingedHyu: It could get -very- twisted.. especially considering that Citan doesn't -like- ID
OneWingedHyu: And Fei and Citan have no sexual thoughts about each other. But when Id takes over
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *twitches at Nia*
Deus Ex Mun: Indeed... X_x Specially if ID disliked Sigurd but liked both Citan and Bart. **plots mindfuckness**// Sigurd: KURO!! **growls**
Deus Ex Mun: **dies at the thought**
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *does not want to be fucked by ID*
Deus Ex Mun: ID: **Were he better formed would molest Citan.. For now is sleeping though**
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: -_-() Dammit Kuro... I really hate you.. more than ever.
Deus Ex Mun: Seymour: I -love- Kuro... **smirks**// You do not, Seymour... -_-()
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *hides behind Sigurd but knows Sigurd won't be able to save him when ID is involved*
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: If we're lucky Kuro will just keep ID sleeping for now... **eyes her and tries to block Citan from view**// Don't count on it... **peers at ID Muse.. Wonders at the possibility of working with a half-formed muse**
Deus Ex Mun: Oh... and I was nearly tearing my hair out because Fei kept being a pain and I couldn't get him to jump right so he kept getting damaged by the damnable sewer water...
OneWingedHyu: I know.. Sometimes Fei makes you want to go "GRAAAAAH"
OneWingedHyu: I love his line. "My father.. you mean my dad?"
Deus Ex Mun: **dies** I know.. Just made me wanna smack him.
OneWingedHyu: Yes Fei, last time we checked they -did- mean the same thing
OneWingedHyu: *pets Kuro's Fei muse though*
Deus Ex Mun: **watches Sigurd muse smack Fei and Fei runs off crying**
Deus Ex Mun: **dies snickering**
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *smacks Sigurd for smacking Fei*
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: **blinks and looks hurt** What? I didn't hit him that hard.
OneWingedHyu: Citan: Believe me.. the -last- thing you want to do is hit him
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: Oh... right... ID... **eyes Kuro fearfully even as she is reading over the description and info on ID** Dammit! >_<
OneWingedHyu: *dies giggling*
Deus Ex Mun: Fei: **looks slightly dazed**
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *grabs Sigurd's arms* You had better run
Deus Ex Mun signed off at 20:26:53.
Deus Ex Mun signed on at 20:27:58.
OneWingedHyu: *tackles*
OneWingedHyu: Deus Ex Mun: Fei: **looks slightly dazed**
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *grabs Sigurd's arms* You had better run
Deus Ex Mun: **borrows Heimdal to smash her disobediant internet with**
Deus Ex Mun: **borrows Heimdal to smash her disobediant internet with**
Deus Ex Mun: **borrows Heimdal to smash her disobediant internet with**// Sigurd: I'm not leaving you, Hyu.. **warily eyes Fei**
OneWingedHyu: *snickers*
OneWingedHyu: Citan: Do you -want- to die? *eyes Sigurd*
Deus Ex Mun: Fei: **laughs quietly in a tone darker than his own as his form begins to shift**// **is -highly- amused**// Sigurd: Not particularly... But what about you? **gazes worriedly at him**
OneWingedHyu: Citan: He will just fuck me until I bleed. *says this rather dryly* This -has- happened before..
OneWingedHyu: D'oh!
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd: Wha-?! But Hyu! That's.. He's... Damn.. **eyes Fei more worriedly**
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *stays very calm*
Deus Ex Mun: ID: **straightens and eyes the two calmly, almost -too- calmly.**// Sigurd: Hyu, I don't want to leave you for him to hurt you...
OneWingedHyu: Citan: And he will -hurt- you if you continue to play 'knight in shining armor"

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