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~Oooh boy~

So much wank gives me a headache.

But part of me likes it.

Ah, but I digress. Hopefully I will get the rest of "Love and Devotion" sent to Kuro.. after I finish her green tea foot massage.. and -other- stuff. *salacious grin*

And then I have to send her more Citan death songs.

Damn I love Kuro, she is so awesome. Definitely a bit of stability for me. I need that stability, desperately. I need something that is steady and will not just suddenly topple from underneath me.

The next song that comes up on my playlist, I will make a songfic out of it.. let's see which song it is. *snickers*

It is a writing assignment for http://www.writing.com (something that Kuro and Electra got me into)


"Not Gonna Get Us" by TaTu.

I think I can do it. *feeds it to the plotbunnies*

That will definitely be a Citan x Sigurd songfic. I can see. Perhaps a Citan and Sigurd incarnation songfic. Oh well, I have time to think about it. *mrrhs*

Also I have to work more on fox_reed's songfic. ^_^

Signing off. I love you all


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