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I would just like to take this time out to say that I -love- antiyaoi

In fact I think they should rename the community, "Yaoi Wank" for the hell of it.

I don't know what brought the wank on but I am glad someone did. It made that community a pleasure to read each day. I am apart of that community of course because I do not like the yaoi fangirls who think they are supporting some noble cause because they love yaoi. That -instantly- makes them supporters for the gay community. Of course it does not...

Not to mention that we rip each other to shreds. Blood sports have always been a favorite pasttime of mine. You know what they say about the blood of the weak.. it tastes good with wheaties.

And because the antiyaoi community has been wanked by Journalfen's Fandom Wank not once but twice. I decided that the link deserves a link on my journal page. Then's good readings.

I also like how due to a particularly beautiful "Yu-gi-oh" pairing post, antiyaoi changed their user info. Gods, satire at it's finest.

Now excuse me while I go into the backroom and snigger to death.

"Written on the pages
Is the answer to a never ending story."

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