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~Save your tears cause I'll come back~

Song ficcage time. Warnings for original characters as well as death and angst. You have been warned. These events have actually been RP'd, and with the exception of the Hyuga and Sigurd meeting, most of it have been rephrased into my exact words.

And I did change some events around for drama's sake. So lostangelssong, do not be surprised if the reuniting of Sigurd and Hyuga happened a little bit differently. I wanted a more pronounced aura of unease.

And so on to the songfic. Crossposted to hyuricdeau

"I know that you're hiding things
Using gentle words to shelter me.
Your words were like a dream
But dreams can never fool me..
Not that easily."

He was that strange man at the coffee house, so beautiful and alone as he held that notebook underneath his arms and surveyed the menu down at the coffee shop in Zeboim. His long hair, dark brown streaked with blonde, red and slivers of black. Rainbow hair he had. The man beside him was silvery haired with those sapphire blue eyes. Orders were placed of coffee and food, there was a slight silence before they both moved for the same fork, and then their eyes connected as fingers brushed against finger. It was like a jolt that went through both of them that seemed bigger then the entire coffee shop.

"Have we met? You seem very familar." The silvery haired man inquired as he tiredly pushed a lock of hair out of his eyes

"No, I do not think we have. I am new here, I have just recently come down from the surface." The man said with a smile as he held the green tea close between his hands. A flicker of recognition passed through his eyes before it was gone, so slight and subtle as if there was something inside that demanded to recognize, to hold the other close, but still the man remained distant.

"Are you sure? I could have sworn we've met before.. you look very familar. I could be wrong though.. being sleep deprived does that to you." he said with a soft chuckle as he took a sip of his own coffee.

"Ah yes, sleep deprivation, that can do that. I have been so sleep deprived at times that I have forgotten my own name." Coupled with a slight smile as he folded one arm over his chest while the other held the tea cup. "Though you -do- seem familar. I do not really forget faces, so if I have met you before, I cannot quite place you."

"Me? I work at the labs. Nothing -too- spectacular. The name's Damian Black. What's yours?"

"Oh?" The other man sat down his cup very briefly in order to offer his hand to shake. "I am Jeriah, Jeriah Leontes.. It is a pleasure to make your aquiantance." The young reporter said, a sparkle coming to his chocolate brown eyes.

"I acted so distant then
Didn't say goodbye before you left
But I was listening.
You'll fight battles far from me,
Far too easily."

Two bodies lounging against sheets as Jeriah shifted slightly in his sleep so that he was curled up against Damian and making a purring sound, his chameleon hair drapping all about the pillow and his shoulders as his hand indolently started stroking the defined hip bone. One of Damian's eyes slid open as he glanced over at Jeriah and then he leaned over to place a lazy kiss against the curve of his lover's neck.

"Mmmmm Damian, the alarm has not gone off yet."

"Does it matter?" Damian's hand started to slip and twine through those enchanting locks of silk.

"Evidentally not to you. I have work in two hours and you have to get to the labs around the same time that I head off to work. And you know how Kim likes it when you are prompt, perhaps even a few minutes early." But Jeriah was reluctant to leave the bed, he could stay here forever wrapped in sheets of linen and arms of familiarity.

"A few minutes won't hurt, Jer..." Damian purred as he shifted so that he could hover over Jeriah, looking down with lazy eyes as he started to press his lover back against the bed, their bodies connecting in all the right places and likewise spiraling them back into the blessed world that they shared, created for only two.

'Save your tears cause I'll come back'
I could that you whispered as you walked through that door.
But still I swore to hide the pain.
When I turned back the pages,
Shouting might of been the answer
What if I'd cried my eyes out
And begged you not to depart
But now I'm not afraid
To say what's in my heart."

"The order still stands, Commander Leontes.. You -will- drop the bomb on Zeboim.." Emperor Cain's orders rang true through Jeriah's ear. He stood there in his uniform. A different man from the reporter that his friends down in Zeboim knew so well. Jeriah blanched pale as he closed his eyes.

"Sir, I... We were not supposed to drop the bomb for another two days."

"Do you question my -orders-. Commander Leontes?" Cain's words intoned and Jeriah did not falter even though he was crumbling slowly but surely. "Their silly little fight with Ravine is getting out of hand, we shall destroy them both and start anew... the sooner, the better" What equated to elitist genocide.

Jeriah's mind whirled as his eyes slid shut and his fingers clenched. Even know he knew that Kadin and Damian were making their way toward the surface at the intelligence he had leaked, leaked enough so that he could tell them, could insure their safety and instruct them to move up to the surface where it would be safe.

And now, he was to bring them death. He could of refused the orders, that would of resulted in his death and the bombing. For Cain would get it done regardless of who did it. Jeriah's face fell forward and a lock of chameleon hair fell over his eyes, escaping from their ties.

"Your will be done, my lord." Jeriah said as he spun on his heel and headed out of the throne room and toward the hanger where his gear was located, the gear that was decked out with a variety of bombs powerful enough to nuke a small continent. His heart was comfortably numb for what he had to do even though the journey there afforded him more time to think then he would of liked. And then he was hovering over the portway that led into Zeboim. His fingers faltered over the little red release button, faltered as he took a gasping breath. His eyes squinted shut as he applied all the pressure to the button.

The air hummed with the energy of the released missles.. hummed and for a moment there was silence. ~Perhaps they have not gone off, perhaps they are dysfunctional...~ But his thoughts were proven wrong as the blast came, filling the air. But beside the blast, there was a searing pain that jolted through him. He cried softly, a tear slid down his cheek.

~Damian.. dead...~

Nothing was worth living for now. He pushed the rest of the buttons, tears streaming freely as he felt his heart dangling in the aftermath of having it's other half ripped from him. Bleeding tears of regret and sorrow. No longer comfortably numb.. but rather he knew he was worth nothing.. not anymore.

The dead done, he parked his gear within view of the still settling debris. He dismounted from his gear and kneeled on the ground, clasping his hands together as he took a deep breath. Saying a prayer to any god that existed, cursing it as well as praying for an end to his own existance. When that did not come, he took matters into his own hands.

Unsheathing his sword, he made to very -large- cuts against his wrist, watching the blood well up and start running rivulets down his wrists.. down his hands and staining the ground crimson.

"Soon Damian.. soon. Wait for me, my love."

Those were his last words, and by the time that night fall descended down upon the ruins of Zeboim, Jeriah's life also descended, back into the wellsprings of time.

Though a thousand words have never been spoken
They'll fly to you, crossing over the time
And distance holding you,
Suspended on silver wings.

A man walked through the town of Nisan, somewhat distracted by the verdant green of a place that he loved beyond everything. A lasting obsession with the surface and one that caused him to continue returning to the place, to observe the people and the way that they moved, they way that they -lived. Carrying a notebook underneath his arms and minding his own business.

Until of course he ran into a dark haired man and was almost bumped to the ground, he started back and steadied himself against something.

"Hey, what's your problem! You looking to start a fight."

"Actually no I wasn't..." But another voice cut him off and he turned his head in order to look over at the man speaking and saw the most beautiful man. Hair of spun gold and eyes that were as deeply blue as the oceans surrounding the Ignas continent.

"Rene, calm down! Go to the cathedral, get off your feet. There's no reason to pick on tourists and if you -must- then go pick on Krelian." This man murmured before turning his sapphire gaze on the man and smiled, it was the Fatima smile.. so beautiful.. so radient and pure. "You must forgive my brother, We just got back from the front and he hasn't had his beer yet. My name is Roni, Roni Fatima."

"It is a pleasure, Lord Fatima." The man said, sensing a very regal bearing and the nobility that backed it up. Roni just grinned and waved his hand as if to dismiss that comment.

"Stop it with the 'lord' business. Just Roni will be fine. And may I ask the name of the man who almost got beaten to a pulp by my younger hotheaded brother?"

"Mathias, Mathias.. Jaelle." Mathias said, having to change the last name for fear of recognition. After all people did not take -lightly- to the thought of a pure blood Solarian trending on their ground.

"What say you we go get something to eat? As a way for me to repay you for my brother's uncouth behavior of course." Roni offered as he motioned toward the inn, with a raise of his brow. One that Mathias could feel himself being drawn closer and closer to despite his better judgement.

"I.. think.. I should -like- that." And Mathias offered a smile of his own, in return for the radient smile that seemed to knock him almost off his feet. Such potency to such an inconsequental thing as a smile.

"And a thousand words,
One thousand confessions
Will cradle you
Making all of the pain you feel,
Seem far away..
They'll hold you forever."

"It is not every day that a man can boast of an Angel falling from Heaven for him." Roni murmured casually as he reached over to brush a lock of honey brown hair out of Mathias's eyes, looking into those deep brown eyes as they lay by the fire, cuddled up while a snow storm blundered on outside without remorse, without reason. Mathias chuckled softly as he propped himself up with his elbows as he looked up into his lover's eyes. Feeling for the most part content.

"Solaris is -hardly- heaven.. and I -hardly- have wings." Mathias said playfully as his fingers reached to lightly brush against Roni's cheek.

"You are my other half Mathias.. you are my one winged angel. Without you, I cannot fly." Roni said, teasingly and almost dramatically to which that coaxed a chuckle out of Mathias as he quirked a brow before pushing his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose.

"Your father -was- right, you -should- of taken to the stage." Came the quick rejoinder and in a thoroughly wry voice as if he was not taking -any- of this seriously. "A flare for the dramatic that is almost laughable but definitely endearing."

"I think you should stop teasing me, Mat or I shall be forced to tickle you." Roni said lightly as he wiggled his fingers to show that he was completely serious.

"Do that and I shall pin you faster then you can say 'Mathias is always right.'.."

"Oh dearest, you know how I adore those kinky Solarian sex games."

And that was when Roni got himself smacked in the face with a pillow.

The dream isn't over yet,
Though I often say I can't forget
I still relive that day...
You've been there with me all the way.
I still hear you say...
'Wait for me, I'll write you letters'
I could see how you stand with your eyes to the floor.
But still I swore to hide the doubt.
When I turn back the pages.
Anger might of been the answer.
What if I'd hung my head,
And said that I couldn't wait.
But now I'm strong enough to know it's not too late.

Once the war between Nisan and Solaris had started up, Mathias found himself being called back to Solaris by Emperor Cain. It was a summouns that he did not want to follow, but he had too. He quarrelled with Roni to make it easier and then slipped away like a theif in the night. Feeling that it was so hard to leave and not cry. However he was the Guardian Angel of Solaris. Tears, well a Guardian Angel didn't cry, did they? And Cain had allowed him so much freedom for the past four years, going to and from the surface. Part of Mathias -hoped- that he could effect a treaty of sorts. Perhaps cause Emperor Cain to see reason. But none was forthcoming. Mathias lamented upon in after having talked to Cain and realizing that it was futile. The war would go on and he would go on dying a little bit more with each day he was kept away from Roni.

Soon though, three months later Mathias was sent down to effect patrols on the surface in the desert. His squad of course had a tendancy of trying to jump every single thing that they saw on the radar. And unfortunately he was doing his patrols when he saw a familar red gear. The same gear that he had effected upgrades on when he had last been at Nisan. Andvari. He did not engage the gear even though the gear did. He could hear Roni's voice coming in over the intercom but he did nothing. He did not fight Roni, he refused to fight his lover, rather taking each hit.

Only when what should of been the killing blow landed on Ragnarok did Roni actually -know- who was in the gear. He couldn't of gotten out of Andvari fast enough as he struggled to pull the cock pit hatch open. Sure enough there was Mathias, barely breathing but still alive.

"Roni.. one last time.. I.. get to see you?" Mathias's pain filled eyes murmured and then he said almost bitterly while coughing up some blood, "Leave me.. I deserve.. to die."

"You are -not- going to die. And don't talk, you'll only make it worse." Roni said as he tenderly extracted Mathias's out of his gear and slung him over his back. "If I have to, I will take you to Nimrod, you can recieve medical attention there."

And Mathias was saved and likewise taken as a prisoner of war by Roni. A prisoner of war by the Nisan Sect, however he was treated as anything but. Though there were people that did not -want- Mathias there and likewise in a few months a raid was conducted by the Solarian army, and Mathias was stolen away and taken back to Solaris. Placed under house arrest so that he could not go back down to the surface. It was Emperor Cain's orders. It was -always- Emperor Cain's orders.

However with a little bit of pursuasion, Mathias was able to plot his escape. He was able to bribe some of the guards that were guarding him, as well as the guards on the Battleship that was heading to the surface. He was able to book passage on it, and resolved to head back toward his lover no matter -what- the consequences.

But he never reached the surface.

It happened so quickly, red alarms started flashing as he glanced around. He took off on a run toward the bridge, knowing that the officiers would not mnd his presence. He paused at the door and looked toward the bridge window. And he saw a Nisan flagship heading -right- for them. There would be a collision... it was inevitable. And the size. He ran over to one of the railings and gripped them so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

"Roni.." Mathias said as he closed his eyes.. preparing for impact.

The Solarian ship was taken down by the Nisan and that day two Angels fell from the sky, forever their light extinquished from the world.

Roni, Lacan, Rene, Kai and Krelian had been watching all of this from their vantage points on the surface. And the explosion had been too hard to miss. However they had not expected Lacan and Roni to sink to their knees as an overwhelming pain engulfed the both of them.

"Mathias.. no..." Roni started to sob, feeling a part of himself being ripped apart, trying to clutch at the something where a growing painful emptiness swirled around him. He felt Kai rest his hand on his shoulder but he could only start sobbing harshly.

"Cause a thousand words
Call out through the ages
They'll fly to you..
Even though I can't see.
I know they're reaching you..
Suspended on silver wings."

Sigurd Harcourt sighed softly as he put his few meager belongings away in his dresser drawers. He'd been moved to Jugend housing for the time being, recently moved up from the testing labs. He looked down at his arms. They were covered in needle marks. "I look like some kind of addict," he whispered. But then he was. Thankfully he'd gotten the drive injection just a few days ago, and he wasn't due in for another for another month or so. He honestly didn't know why he was here. And that applied both to Solaris, and also to Jugend. The only explanation he had gotten was from the creepy, distant head scientist. He had said something about an Urobulous ring, whatever THAT was. And then he had given Sigurd a testing schedule, told him to follow it precisely, and had sent him on his way. "I just want to go home," he said, as he leaned his forehead against the window

Hyuga had been alerted to the fact that he had a roommate once he got off the practice fields, training with Jesiah for the time being as was instructed by him. He toweled the sweat off his face and then continued onto the dormitories where all the students dwelled. Sheathing his sword he could sense someone in the room and so with that he knocked on the door lightly before entering. There was a serious calmness about this guy as he entered the room, that would impress and already did impress many of the students. He walked into the room after no answer and saw the boy by the window, he furrowed his brow before walking over to his bed and tossing his katana onto it. He cleared his voice a bit and said softly, "Good afternoon, you must be my new roommate." Hopefully that would be enough of an ice breaker.

That caused Sigurd to jump and spin around rather fast. He looked Citan up and down, and there was rather obvious fear in his eyes. And then Citan saw the poor thing's arms and how scarred they were. "I guess so," he said. And even though he wasn't moving away from the window, he seemed to be trying to gauge the distance between him and Citan. It had been Sigurd's sad experience that the calm ones were worse than the loud bouncy ones. "My name's Sigurd. Sigurd Harcourt," he said after a moment of uncomfortable silence. "What's yours"

His brown eyes were drawn to the scar marks on the arm and he was quite wise for a boy of his age, what he saw he didn't really like even though he had no clue how they got there, but they must of been the source for Sigurd's skittish behavior and so he backed away respectfully and took a seat on his bed, trying to appear non threatening. "Hyuga.. " That was all he said for the time being, that was all that Hyuga knew needed to be said. "It really isn't that bad here, I am sure you will come to even like it." He raked his fingers through his hair

Sigurd snorted at that remark. "I just want to go home. To Aveh. Where there are seasons, and trees, and..." he trailed off slightly, looking a little lost. They'd tried to brainwash him when they were doing tests, and for a large part they'd succeeded. After all, the drugs and all the other shit they put into his system had eventually started to mess with his memories. "...I know there's more," he said, looking like he was trying not to cry. "I just can't remember it anymore..." he shook his head a bit, as if that would help him remember.

Hyuga got to his feet and walked over to Sigurd, trying not to be threateneing as he very gently put his hand on Sigurd's shoulders. At the mention of Aveh and all the things located on the main continent of Ignas, he bite his lower lip, wondering at how much he should tell the boy, perhaps he shoulden't say anything, usually things like htat were best found out by one's self. Being the voracious reader though, Hyuga had read pretty much every tome written about the place down below, even if a great deal of it was propaganda. "Shh.. don't worry right now. Just remember that you are going to get a better life then many 3rd class citizens only dream of.."

"Oh a thousand words,
One thousand embraces
Will cradle you.
Making all your weary days seem far away
They'll hold you forever."

"Damn it Hyu, I refuse to call you Citan. You are -not- Citan. You are Hyu.. you will always be Hyu. You will always be -my- Hyu." Sigurd said, his fingers clenching together as he looked at his old lover with his good eye. An eye that had been lost quite a few years ago. Occasionally it would ache as if another eye was still in place.. other times it would remain comfortable unfeeling. Numb even. He closed his eye and raked a few fingers through his hair.

"But I am Citan. I have duties to complete and you, you made your choice when you left Solaris. I do not grudge you your choice, just as you should neither grudge mine." Citan said calmly, looking up at Sigurd as he brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes. Those same brown eyes were so placid yet held so much inner turmoil in them. Such turmoil Sigurd had wanted to kiss away again and again until there was nothing there but each other.

That was when Citan turned around so that he could look onto the desert as it whirled past them. The deck of the Yggsdrasil afforded wonderful views and he closed his eyes softly. Trying to gain some sort of rational thought even though it did not seem to want to grace him with it's presence. It was hard to steel himself against the man that stood only a few feet away, especially when that same man could read his emotions like the page of a particularly thrilling book.

"Do you love Yui?"

That seemed to be like a trick question and Citan's eyes opened, "I do hold an affection for her if that is what you are asking. I would not of married her if I had not."

"Perhaps I should ask if you love her -more- then me.."

"I love Yui, however you two are not the same person. Different individual and both to be loved and admired in their own ways."

"Do you -desire- her, Hyu..." Sigurd continued with that habit to prode his Hyu until Hyu would finally answer with no excuses whatsoever to call out.

"That is not a fair question, Sigurd."

"Things were -never- fair between us."

"Very well then, if you must know. I do not desire her in the way that I desired you."

"You speak as if that was in the past."

"Is it not?"

Sigurd got frustrated with those answers and stalked over to Hyuga, turning the other man until they were facing each other. His blue eyes were somewhat pleading even when his lips crushed down onto Hyuga nee Citan. A kiss was shared underneath the stars, a kiss that left no question as to the attraction that was still between them. Like all the songs went, it -was- in his kiss. For a brief moment it banished all the barriers that were between them and left them clinging, wanting more.

"Oh a thousand words
Have never been spoken,
They'll fly to you
They'll carry you home,
And back into my arms..
Suspended on silver wings."

Hyuga Ricdeau-Harcourt didn't really -want- to get out of that bed that morning. It was so comfortable snuggled up against Sigurd's warm body and a few kisses placed lightly against his lover's neck was enough to rouse the other man in -both- senses of the morning.

"Hyu.. it is early. You should be asleep like any other person in this damn palace." Sigurd said as he stretched and glanced upward. Looking into his lover's dancing chocolate eyes and likewise reaching up to pull Hyuga down with him back onto the bed where it was a great deal saner to be.

"Oh Midori is not asleep, I hear her working out in the courtyard, can't you hear the ra-tap-tap of the hammer?" Hyuga chuckled as he brushed his fingers along his lover's tanned chest. The Prime Minister of Aveh, how Sigurd managed to keep fit from sititng in an office all day, Hyuga would never know. He had a sinking suspicion that it was the nightly activities that did it.

"Who cares what Midori is doing, she could blow up the gear hanger and I wouldn't care right now." Sigurd said as he wrapped a leg around Hyuga's body in order to keep him there with him.

"Midori has a gear hanger of her own to blow up.. not like she would do that though, Primera would be likely to yell at her." Hyuga said wryly as he tried to disentangle himself from Sigurd's warm body. "And I have work to do."

"But it's a saturday.. stay in bed.... with me.. please." Sigurd said as he made his best puppy face.

Hyuga smiled softly and then leaned down to brush his lips against Sigurd's and whispered. "I shall make a promise.. just give me a few hours in the gear hanger and then I will come back up and spend the rest of the day with you. Just us."

"Is that a promise, my love?"

"Of course it is. I never make promises that I cannot keep." Hyuga said as he got out of the bed and walked over to the dresser in order to grab up some clothes to adorn. Even at the age of 50, Hyuga managed to look pretty damn handsome. With black locks that held tiny glints of silver that made him appear all the more distinguished and a body that was still kept fit by martial arts, he was different, and yet Sigurd could look at him and -still- see the boy that he had fallen in love with and the man that he had been reunited with.

"Very well, if you are not here by lunch time, I -promise- I will drag you back and there will be nothing that you can do about it." Sigurd called out from the bed as he watched Hyuga tie his hair back.

All Hyuga did was smile as he headed toward the gear hanger in order to work on Fenrir and perhaps see if he could get the gear to work again. After Deus had shut down, it had become something that he had occupied himself with, somehow -making- the gear work again after it had ceased operating. It kept him active, but it was more likely healthy curiousity that drove him on.

He entered the gear hanger and started doing all of his checks on Fenrir. The small ones to see if there were even a sliver of response. That would lead to him opening up the black box and tweaking wires on that. It was a long drawn out process but it always occupied him.

And so he was there for a few hours, happy in his work before suddenly he caught a flash of light coming from the mainscreen. He turned his head to look at it. What was that? A reading? He turned to check it out, his heart filling with such jubilee over even such a minor response, it was still a response. So excited was he that he did not even feel it until it was too late. He did not feel the gear shake. When the gear detonated, he did not feel it however his soul went screaming up toward the heaven's, rising high above the gear turned funeral pyre.

Sigurd had been signing pictures when the scream reached him. Hit him squarely in the gut and he almost keeled against his desk. "Hyu..." He choked out as he stumbled up from his desk sort of uncertainly and made his way out of his office. There was no rhyme and no reason to what he was feeling, all he knew was that something had happened to Hyuga. Hyuga's presence was not there anymore in his heart. There was something cold and aching there instead.

He emmerged out into the courtyard and looked in the direction of the gear hanger.. seeing it consumed in flames.

"Oh gods.." While behind him he could hear Midori's scream that seemed to echo what he felt.

~I've lost you.. again...~

"And a thousand words
Call you through the ages
They'll cradle you
Turning all your lonely years into only days
They'll hold you forever."

~When will it end?~

They'll hold you forever...

1000 Words by Jade from FFX-2

Songfic by Nia Westphal

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