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~1000 words have never been spoken~

I am writing a little bit more on my Xenogears songfic set to the beautiful song, "1000 Words" because the muses have been prodding me. Certainly not Citan because he knows what it bodes to be along the lines of a 'death-fic' and Citan has a lasting fear of them. I do not blame him, after all I only blew him up in his omnigear.

This will definitely be posted up in the Hyuga Ricdeau community when I actually finish it. (oooh concept.)

That song definitely fits the various incarnations of Hyuga and Sigurd. As well as Jeriah and Damian and Roni and Mathias. Along with "The Day That I Met You" by Lillian Axe. (That will be a Hyuga and Sigurd songfic eventually. -_- )
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