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~And it is time to change my icon~

The next song will determine -what- my icon is going to be for the next couple of days. Days mentioned of course because I have an extremely short attention span. Seriously, you guys cannot tell me that you have not noticed it. -_- It is only so glaringly obvious. I must always be amused, it isn't from my Virgo, Scorpio or Taurus.. I think it is my Leo in Jupiter.

*thuds* Yup I know what the default is going to be now.

"Party Night" from Digi Charat.

It is definitely going to be chibi. *sweatdrops* And my favorite chibi of him. He just looks so cute and accomodating. Offering his chibi little cup of green tea. Awww how cute. Everyone say he is adorable.

Citan: *whacks Nia with his plushie katana*
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