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~The results of it being 1 AM~


Yes.. it will center as a character journal -as well- as the journal I will use to post whenever someone "Asks Dr. Citan Uzuki" over at hyuricdeau. My imagination is sometimes -too- vivid at times.

Citan: Nia is most certainly going to hell for this. *sweatdrops*

That would be all well and good -if- I believed in hell,

Citan: *thinks that ID owes him a few favors*

ID doesn't owe you -jack-

Citan: *is prepared to pull out the bargaining chips i.e his body*

Oh gods.. not the bargaining chips... anyone ever told you that you were extremely manipulative.

Citan: Using power or being used by power.. is that not a question of the heart?

Okay, you can -stop- throwing video game quotes at me now.


Whatever am I going to do. -_-

*using this icon because Citan doesn't -deserve- to have his face plastered on this post*

Citan: *goes chibi and plays with his plushie Fenrir*

Oh geez...

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