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~You got a way of turning ashes into flame~

kurohyou GOT XENOGEARS! *starts to twirl*

You know what that means.. my Citan and her Sigurd muse will actually have an -excuse- to play now. Unfortunately they do not want to play for the mere fact that Kuro and I have been known to enact cruel and unusual punishment on our muses. *heh's* Look at what happened to poor Baralai.

Baralai: *quietly* Do not remind me, Nia.

I am musing a Citan songfic. Of course I am not sure -when- it will actually get done.


I should go and post my other Citan songfic at the hyuricdeau Community. The one that I set to "The Promise" by Arcadia. That is one of my crowning achievements, that songfic. -_-

HURRY UP KURO! PLAY! *whaps with the silly stick*
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