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~Shall we love~

Which reminds me, I need to find a song for the fic I owe fox_reed

Touya x Yukito with a bit of Yue thrown in for good measure.. probably mid smut.

She wants fluff, damn it I shall give her fluff! ^_^

Do you think a pillow fight that turns to smut is fluffy enough.. I think so. The mental image is just too cute -not- to write

And all the fics that I write -have- to have a song that inspires it.

So far the only song that is tickling my psyche is "Kimi ni Fuku Kaze" by Shimokawa Mikuni. It is a very pillow-fightish song.. or a song for a summer day for a waterfight outside while washing a car.

If I can find the lyrics and I can see what the song is actually -saying-, perhaps I will use it.
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