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~Well I'm only hanging on for what goes down~

Yes, I got the White Lore, thank you very much O'aka. *mrrhs*

So now Rikku can cast any black magic spells, Paine has equipped so that she can do her swordplay and Yuna is going into the stereotypical white mage slot.

I still agree with Kuro that Maroda and Isaaru look pretty together. (Yes everyone, I am perfectly -aware- that they are brothers so shhh) But I do fancy Baralai and Isaaru as well thanks to jurhael reveving up that particular little mental image.

Clasko is still an idiot though.

NO CHOCOBO KNIGHTS HERE.. Except for Lucil and Elmire. *squeaks*

Just like NO SUMMONERS HERE.. Braska not included...

Oh yes, thank you vadalia for the nickname "Wing-chan" I think it is very pretty, I shall treasure it forever! ^_^
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