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* WHOAMI analysis *

{C}opyright : Maurice Smith MOLCOL SOFTWARE (UK) 1992

Character Analysis of: NIA

You can be a bit of a dreamer sometimes, cherishing quiet and
reflective moments alone: long baths, and good books are your
happiest indulgences. When you do socialise, it will be with
one of your few close friends (normally at their place)
rather than with a crowd of acquaintances out on the town.

It's not so surprising that you should feel that others often
mis-understand you for you are a deeply complex and difficult
person to fathom. You prefer people who are 'multi-faceted'
rather than stereo-types and you abhor vanity, shallowness, or
bigotry in others.

You are very materialistic. You know that it takes wealth to
obtain fine things and keep them, and are prepared to sacrifice
a degree of spiritual happiness to maintain a comfortable life.

Others often find you surprisingly approachable and flexible in
stark contrast to the image you tend to portray. This image is
normally of a person who has a will of his/her own, unbending,
and advertising in advance that in any attack - you will not

Much of what we become is formed in the early years of our life
by our parents and family. When you were young your mother was
never there for you. Deep loss and sadness persists regarding
your mother and your time together. This could be due to many
reasons: illness, death, divorce etc., or just unkindness.
This has influenced you to a very great degree and has been
instrumental in forming a great deal of your character today.

Your father is depicted as someone you respect very much. He
is/was not a simple man to understand but you have learned to
see him as more than just 'dad'. He may have been more your
adviser or a guide rather than your 'kisser-good-nighter' but,
as a child, you always felt loved and safe when he was there.
This has had a strong bearing on forming your character today.
Parental traits, affecting how you like to deal with life, come
from both parents in a balanced equal way: a strong influence!

Your picture indicates that your mother and father were very
close to each other. This has had a major affect on you.

You can be very introspective, often thinking deeply about life
and it's purpose. Your picture indicates you possess a major
capacity for reflecting on a variety of subjects especially
on philosophical or possibly emotional issues. You posses a
strong belief in at least one specific discipline: religion,
sexual equality, science, animal rights, politics etc.,

Your picture suggests you are a secretively passionate person.
The driving energy behind your desire can often slowly build
into a single overwhelming need. This may cause you to
plan ways to realise gratification. When you encounter someone
you "fancy", you are likely to deceptively manipulate things to
provide opportunity for a relationship to begin: when you get
them in your sights - you don't let go easily. (They probably
don't see you coming until it's too late and you have them

You are an ambitious person able to define your own goals and
work relentlessly towards achieving them no matter what problems
get in your way.

Summary of other traits and personal tastes:-

Decision making : Balanced - calculated or judged.
Day-dreams most of : Travel or escapism.
Worst Nightmares of: Death, violence, loss of someone you love.
General Outlook : Balanced - between pessimism & optimism.


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