Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Reason why Citan hates me~

Unnamed AIM [13:08]: *tackles*
Deus Ex Mun [13:09]: **tackles back** ^^ 'ello!
Unnamed AIM [13:09]: How is the Kuro?
Unnamed AIM [13:09]: I started a Citan community and you my friend are the co-mod

Deus Ex Mun [13:09]: ^_~ I am Very good!
Deus Ex Mun [13:09]: Ooh! **falls over** ^_^ Wow!
Unnamed AIM [13:10]: Yup

Deus Ex Mun [13:10]: I should check my mail, yes?
Unnamed AIM [13:10]: http://www.livejournal.com/users/hyuricdeau
Unnamed AIM [13:10]: I haven't done it officially yet.. but I will
Unnamed AIM [13:10]: *has yet to do some stuff on the community
Deus Ex Mun [13:10]: **yays**
Unnamed AIM [13:11]: *snugglies*
Deus Ex Mun [13:11]: **falls over excitedly** I think about fandoms waaaay too much. **snickers** I kept thinking all about Sigurd and Hyuga this morning, with the exception of this funny mental interlude I had.
Deus Ex Mun [13:11]: **snuggles**
Unnamed AIM [13:11]: Mental interlude? *tilts*
Unnamed AIM [13:11]: I know, I think of fandoms too

Deus Ex Mun [13:12]: Geh, twas caused by "My Fair Lady" on t.v. I had this little mini-daydream about Nooj and Baralai trying to reform Gippal into a gentleman.
Unnamed AIM [13:13]: Oooh I just bought My Fair Lady on DVD
Unnamed AIM [13:13]: Oooh I like that..

Unnamed AIM [13:13]: That would be an RP idea. *snickers*
Deus Ex Mun [13:13]: **snickers** ^_^ My mind does weird things when idle. An amusing rp idea, no?
Unnamed AIM [13:13]: Yes definitely..// Ethan: *prods*
Deus Ex Mun [13:14]: **falls over** I also thought up a really ebul plot idea for Hyu and Sig...
Unnamed AIM [13:14]: Oooh tell me? *prods*
Deus Ex Mun [13:15]: Zander: Ahem...// **Swacks him** I had this idea. It seems like the two most important people in Citan's life are Sigurd and Midori. Well, what if he had to choose between being with Sigurd... Or saving Midori's life.
Unnamed AIM [13:16]: Oh my dear gods.. that would be.. oh shit..
Deus Ex Mun [13:16]: **dies** That just came to me and my Sig muse was like, "You are a horrible person, you know that Kuro?"
Deus Ex Mun [13:16]: **snickers muchly**
Unnamed AIM [13:17]: You are a horrible person.. but I love it

Citan: -_-
Deus Ex Mun [13:17]: Sigurd: -_-() You know I really hate you, Kuro...
Deus Ex Mun [13:17]: **snickers** I cannot help it, it is in my behavior.
Unnamed AIM [13:17]: The choice is simple though...
Unnamed AIM [13:17]: It would be Midori's life, hands down...
Unnamed AIM [13:17]: And Hyuga would hope that Sigurd would understand that
Deus Ex Mun [13:18]: **nods** Well, that is his child **whaps Sigurd** And I know he would undersand**
Unnamed AIM [13:18]: Hyuga: *it would hurt though.. alot*
Deus Ex Mun [13:18]: Sigurd: **Sighs**
Unnamed AIM [13:19]: Midori: *sniffles*
Deus Ex Mun [13:19]: Zander: -_-() Okay, now can we save the plot point so my dear brother and I can resume what we were up to yesterday? **eyebrow**
Unnamed AIM [13:19]: Ethan: Yes I thoroughly endorse this..
Deus Ex Mun [13:19]: **hits him** Geh, not before I tell Nia the other ebul mental image I had the other day, then you can play.
Unnamed AIM [13:20]: Oh yes! *grins*
Unnamed AIM [13:20]: Tell me!
Deus Ex Mun [13:20]: **snickers** It was so sad... I had this mental picture of -if- Sigurd for some reason, (probably if Citan died) using his whip to hang himself.. // Sigurd: **Facefaults**
Unnamed AIM [13:21]: Oh dear gods. // Hyu: *deadpan* You are sick.. worse then Kuro...

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