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Citan: I am saddened to inform you that Nia died.. she died hyperventilating over a picture of me online. *sweatdrops* Sometimes I worry.. especially if my fanbase is supposedly -led- by this woman online. I really do not know what to say except that I apologize profusely for her. She is the pattern-card of many psychological disorders that I can only vaugely touch upon. I cannot fathom the fact that she actually started a -fan community- for me. How far gone is that. Oh well.

*turns on Lhasa* Time to bury Nia. Hurry up. *calls ot the other muses*

*whispers to Baralai*

We need to bury her -before she wakes up...

Baralai: *does not usually like manual labor.. but this time he can thoroughly endorse it*
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