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~Written for animedrabble~

It was yet another peaceful night in the Uzuki household. The sort of evening that Citan enjoyed the most. A full stomach on Yui's cooking (which he had to secretly admit was good) and something to do while all around him lingered the noises of life and vitality. There he sat in his familiar wing chair by the fire while his fingers started taking apart one of his many gadgets, this time a photo taking machine. It was relaxing work, something that he enjoyed. He could never just sit back and enjoy a bit of peace, he had to have something to occupy his time.. such was the fate of such a workaholic.

A glance over toward the kitchen table revealed Yui and Fei sitting there, challenging each other to chess. Fei had started it, and was now -trying- to beat Yui. However Citan knew for a fact that Yui's logical skills were just as good as his own and a challenge was not taken lightly. Inwardly he wished Fei good luck and allowed his thoughts to take over him once again.

The past couple of years have indeed been a good run. Initially when he had recieved his orders from Emperor Cain, he had his reservations about the whole situation. So many reservations in fact that he had told Yui to stay there with their infant daughter in Shevat. However Yui, being the stubborn woman that she was, would not listen and had followed him down to the surface. In a way he had been relieved that he wouldn't be alone in this undertaking, aided by Yui.. the woman who was his best friend, whom he relied on for quite a few things.

He wondered if this peace and solitude would last forever. It seemed almost quite likely and he could not say that he would complain overly much. However his eyes caught a flickering of the firelight, and he paused, almost dropping the camera into his lap.


And such bittersweet memories he harbored. Memories that he refused to give a name to.

~The firelight.. has always drawn me. Sometimes I think I can be closer to him through such an act as sitting by the fire. Does he ever think the same about me, does he ever sit by the sea and look out.. and remember me.~

That was so long ago though. And Citan was not one to look at the past overmuch except in passing reflection. Brought back to his thoughts by the essence of reality. Yui's low yet completely womanly chuckle, the sound of Fei meeping and Midor's footfalls as she danced around the table. Likely Fei had gotten another introduction to the 'floppy' hat. This was his life, this was the path that his road had taken and he did not regret it

He would never regret Midori, his daughter, his heart. Nor could he regret the comfort that his life afforded him. Not even Yui's friendship. But he was allowed to.. reflect on what could of been.

After all every man was allowed -some- sort of grand passion that they could look back on to.

With that Citan's hand steadied and he went back to his taking apart of the camera. The sounds around him lulled him, soothed him into the reality that he created for himself.

Indeed, just another night at the Uzuki household.

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