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~To my Valentines~

Well today is the supposedly the most romantic day of the year, unfortunately of course we should be romantic -ever- day.. not just saving it for V-day. Also down with commercialization, but that is just my standpoint on it all.

Now.. for my Valentines.

kurohyou = You know I adore you, right. For the good friend that you are, for giving me such good advice and for sending me good music. Hmmmm, because we share alot of similar interests. I feel like I share something new with you every day and it is a nice feeling. (Like last night, I discovered Lillian Axe, I shall worship you forever) Not to mention our conversations, oh our conversations can get downright irreverant. I swear I get the most responses on those posts. Anyways thank you for giving me a shoulder to sob on, thank you for being there. Thank you for making me smile. Your friendship means alot.

rainfalldreams = You are definitely a sweetheart too. And I am glad to have converted you to the wonders and joys of Laguna and Kiros. Aren't they yummy? *grins slightly* I hope to get to know you better eventually, I mean it is always nice to have people on my list who ship the same way.

rocaille = Damn it, Lani, I don't care.. I'm claiming you as my Valetine too. For the mere fact that I feel friendship for you, I like it when you read my journal enteries and you go, "What's wrong." Even though my first inclination is to go Citan and say, "I am perfectly fine" when I really am not. *gives you chocolate and a Sirius plushie*

bikun = *smacks you with a chocolate gummi fish* I do not know what it is about you that makes me so.. violent girlie. -_- Well you are being -forced- to be my valentine. So gulp up that gummi fish and smile and say you LURVE me. *winks*

fox_reed = I do not know you very well.. or rather I have not really had -time- to know you well, but you are awesome.. and I look forward to reading more posts from you. (seriously you do not overpost.. I like stuff to read, really I do!) And I am working on the Yukito and Touya fic.. I promise. *nodnod* I already have a WAFFy plot bunny hopping around in my head. And it involves a pillow fight. *winks*

angeliccelestia = You are just adorable. I always enjoy reading your posts.. mainly because you remind me of this novel character that I created, her name is Corrine Graie and I think I was halfway in love with her. Of course it doesn't help that one of your icons look like her somewhat. (the white haired one wearing the dark purple dress)

jadedsilk = Once again I have not had you on my list for very long but hey I am an equal opportunity type of girl. *winks* Happy V-day! *offers you roses*

eibii = How can I resist, you are cool in your own way. Anyone that I can talk Xenogears with, well is peachy keen. Especially talking over Jin's whole redesignment (while Jin is still hot, I think he shouldn't of ditched the glasses. *sobs*) Yes, please bring the duct tape.. and the roses. *winks*

superelectra = We are so alike, and yet we are different.. it is amazing, remember that I love you too.. *grins* You are nifty awesome and you contrinute to alot of the talks me and Kuro have.. it is teh fun!

Anyone else I am missing?

Now for lyrics for my Valentines. *grins*

Pure and Simple

"Nighttime slows,
Raindrops splash rainbrows
Perhaps someone you know
Could sparkle and shine.

As the daydream slides
Colour from shadow
The picture, a moonglow
That dazzles my eyes

And I love you.

Just lying smiling in the dark
Shooting stars around your heart
Dreams come bouncing in your head
Pure and simple every time
Now you're crying in your sleep
I wish you'd never learn to weep
Don't sell those dreams you should be keeping
Pure and simple every time

Dream of sights
Of sleigh rides in seasons
Where feelings, not reasons
Can make you decide.

As leaves pour down
Splash autumn on gardens
As colder nights harden
Their moonlit delights..

And I love you.

Just lying smiling in the dark
Shooting stars around your heart
Dreams come bouncing through your head
Pure and simple every time
Now you're crying in your sleep
I wish you'd never learned to weep
Don't sell the dreams you should be keeping
Pure and simple every time

Look at me with starry eyes
Push me up to starry skies
There's stardust in my head
Pure and simple every time
Fresh and deep as oceans new
Shiver at the sight of you
I'll sing a softer tune
Pure and simple over you

If love's the truth then look no lies
And let me swim around your eyes
I've found a place I'll never leave
Shut my mouth and just believe
Love is the truth I realize
Not a stream of pretty lies
To use us up and waste our time.

Pure and simple over you
Pure and simple just for you"

-"Pure and Simple" by the Lightning Seeds

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