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~I need some suggestions for what I should download as my 1500th song~

If you suggest something and I -accept- it and it becomes my 1500th song, I will -write- you a smut fic according to your specifications involving any of the supported pairings on my user info.

So send in your suggestions now.

Remember I -have- to love it enough to keep it on my list.

And just for reference, I am posting up my MP3 playlist so that you can play the whole, "If she likes this.. well maybe she'll like -this-" game

Nia's Songs of the Heart

And the runner up gets a kiss from Citan

Citan: *eyes widen drastically at Nia* When have I been available to be bartered. I am my own man, not some slave laborer.

Don't worry, I'll make him kiss you guys.

Citan: *throws hands up in the air* I give up.. I really do.
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