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~Don't you know know know.. It's Love!~

I have decided that the next song on my playlist is going to be the deciding factor in the next icon that gets chosen to be the default icon. So be sure to tune in for that which is coming in approximately one minute and 10 seconds. ^_^

Citan: *sweatdrops*

*sings, "It's Love" from Ranma 1/2, at the top of her lungs*

The next song is....


"Nisan's Mother".. wow, Xenogears as well.. now I need to find my most holy picture.

And I got it.

The default picture shall be, "Citan - mulling over the past"

Because I can think of that song giving Citan like war memories or something, memories of a past life.

*hugs Citan* I love you.

Citan: *begs to differ*
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