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~And I think my head is caving in~

I's having the good times with fauxfaia over AIM, she just became one of those people that I am -glad- I added to my list.. it was the begging you see.. and her pronouncement that she was the biggest Laguna and Kiros fan ever. Couldn't help it.

Waiting for Kuro to get online so that we can continue the drama of Baralai and Nooj being unsent. Damn Den of Woes.. that place is -always- bad news, what the fuck was Nooj thinking to wanting to go back there. Well Baralai muse has disowned me as a mun.. Citan, well he has disowned me a LONG time ago.. I can't recall the date but it was death in Fenrir. Not to mention the strains of "Lhasa" playing.

I have a few plot bunnies now.. they are just hopping around and around, wiggling their cute little bunny tails.. trying to lure me in.

"Oh what are you really looking for?
Another partner in your life
To abuse and to adore."

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