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~Music Five once again~

The songs up for analyzation.

1.) Heaven Coming Down by the Tea Party

This song my Krelian muse latched onto. And SilverWinged actually got me into the group. Beautiful song, it is very religious in the way that it croons about distancing yourself from situations.

With nothing to do
You'd waste away
Obscured in exile
They've witnessed the times
You've gone astray
And who's fault now,
You're thinking
There's nothing to prove."

Krelian likes "The Tea Party" music, him and Morpheus, they are wierdos. *eyes them* KRELIAN STOP WEARING THAT BERMUDA SHIRT! *chases after him* The guitar rift almost seems like a bell chime.. the guitar is played -that- skillfully.. And the song, well it inspires in me a deep feeling of religion. I can see this playing when Sophia's ship *SPOILER* into *SPOILERSPOILER*. (People who have played Xenogears will just -know- what I meant)

2.) Imaginary by Evanescense.

This is the song that played in my childhood. I -lived- this song. It always makes me sad and reflective. I guess because I did have a field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby. I was very internalized as a child. Not much really changes is all I really have to contribute to that matter. It was just me and my imagination. Happy in my make-believe.

3.) Vogue by Ayumi Hasasaki.

It has the slightly spanish beat that I really dig. I love music like that, that is the surest way that one can get me to listen to something, if they tell me it has a bit of latin influence to me. There is just something about spanish guitars that send shivers through my soul. Makes me want to get up, dance, woo, love, ravish, it feels my normally logical soul with passion

4.) Peach by Beborn Beton.

Beborn Beton is -every- bad relationship I have ever had. In fact it is the ending of every relationship. I think that is why I like it. At least 75 percent of the music on my playlist invokes some intoxicating feeling.. memories. With half the music on my playlist, I just wonder the time-told question. "Why am I not more depressed then I already am?"

"I could see the lies on your face
And your green eyes turned to grey
But I will never see a reason,
I should ever go away

You could feel me driving to places
Still a moment til the day
I saw your innocence diseasing..
Like a flower in the drain."

5.) To Be With You Again by Level 42

This song stems down to my hangup with Mel (still). I remember Angue once asked me if I was in love with Mel a few weeks ago.. and I don't know.. I told her I had no answer.. when I -do- have an answer, I just don't want to make myself seem pathetic. I don't think I would take her back.. after what happened during that particularly debacle, I don't have the strength to put myself through something like that. But I do miss the friendship.. I miss "Tinky Winky Mufu Fruit" and Duran Duran Slash, I miss listening to her comment on "Much Music". Or the general wackiness that ensued.

Ah hell... this Music Five ended on a sour note, now didn't it. *heh's*

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