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~Friday (actually saturday) five~

1 - Who was your first crush/attraction/lust object, how old were you, and what did you like about said person?

The first crush I remember was one of my Uncle Joel's friends. I forget what his name was but he was gay and he'd sit down with me and play barbies and I thought that was the coolest. So we'd have quite a fun time. Of course something really sordid happened in the relationship and like a few days later my Uncle Joel broke up with him. And I never saw him again. But yes, I was definitely in love with him.

2 - What did your last fortune cookie say? If you can't remember, what does your horoscope for today say?

It was something like, "Long life through meditation is yours.." And I had to tack on, "in bed" to it and I had to laugh.. Yeah I -would- like to meditate in bed all my life, that'd be pretty damn fun.

3 - Tell me a dirty fandom secret. (A pairing you secretly love, a fic you secretly wrote, etc.)

I secretly love non-con.. -_- Yes, that is the truth. And the whole Seifer x Squall fic that Electra wrote, well I was -very- turned on by it. -_-.; That is my dirty fandom secret.. yes so sue me! *flops over* So no, it isn't all about friendship and flowers with me.. damn Scorpio influence.

4 - If you could move to one other place on earth, anywhere, for free and with no strings attached, where would you go?

I want to live at Disneyland.. forever. *_*

5 - What's the most romantic thing a person could do for you?

Well granted though my idea of romance at times can be very twisted and yet strangely old fashioned. I do not know. By nature I am too logical to be romantic however I can be won.. The simple things, remembering what I like and what I do not like, just the little details about me.. naming characters after me in video games. I do not know, it is the little things that I enjoy.

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