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For all of you that are curious.. and for some of you that quite honestly couldn't care less. I -do- know Citan has a wife, I do acknowledge him as being in a married relationship. I don't -hate- Yui.. of course not. In fact I am glad she married him, makes it -all- the easier to mindfuck the poor guy.. and Midori, gods I love her and her sweet 'children of the corn' look. If you think Midori looks creepy, well wouldn't -you- look creepy if you could read people's minds?

I mean how would you react if you could read -Fei's- mind. I don't know, if I were Midori, I'd be pretty damn traumatized. Not to mention the fact that her father's mind is jumbled up.

Midori can read minds, Sigurd can read people's emotions. Is it any -wonder- that Citan has no -chance- against them. I mean if Sigurd and Midori were tag teaming Citan.. well I can just see it now.

Both aspects Citan -thinks- to hide from people. His emotions and his intentions. And then voila, two people that can do -just- that.

"Daddy, you're thinking so and so.."

"Hyu, your feeling sad.."

Put the two together.. yes the duo has more power over Citan then they can shake a -stick- at.

I am so glad that I neither have a Sigurd nor a Midori in my life. ^_^

Yui, well she won the duel up in Shevat fair and square, and the fact that she was the one who healed him. And Perfect Works (which I have on my desk) clearly states that Citan -did- love Yui. I am not going to contest canon. However I -prefer- to pair up Citan and Sigurd because the dynamics that I see in my head between them are -excellent-, not to mention inner-game elements are set up perfectly to mindfuck with the two.

Oh yes, rocaille, I am glad I got you back into playing Xenogears! ^_^ That is what I do best.. I am getting my friend Kuro to buy the game so that she can play it.

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