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Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

The Tower card can be seen as both positive and negative depending on ones frame of mind. The Tower is in a state of destruction but it was never built from a solid foundation anyway. It was destined to fall. The Tower represents the destruction of a world built on illusion and false pretenses. Many relationships crumble to the force that is the Tower card because unrealistic hopes and dreams were built upon the relationship without proper support. Although the Tower represents the crumbling of ones hopes and dreams, it also brings the chance for proper renewal upon a stronger foundation built from experience and a more concrete reality. The Tower suggests an inevitable fall that cannot be avoided. All one can do is start planning for the new and hopefully build again avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Reversed this card represents the continual building of false pretenses and succumbing to ones own self illusions. Unrealistic goals and dreams, and tricking oneself into believing nothing is wrong and that no change is necessary.

Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

The Hierophant represents the Holy Spirit and connection with Life at a spiritual level. The Hierophant finds comfort and worth with the spiritual side of life rather then the physical. He represents someone who is spiritual or philosophical in nature and one in search of higher truths. The Hierophant also represents tradition in that he finds comfort and value in the new by relating it to the old tried and true ways of life. He feels that connecting with the Creator is the most effective form of action and advises prayer above other means of communication. The Hierophant depicts someone who is able to see through the superficial and get straight to the heart of the matter. The Hierophant is spiritual by nature and he shies away from religious dogma.

When reversed this card represents superficiality and a lack of moral or spiritual truths. A militaristic or dogmatic attitude, and a reliance on religious law rather then spiritual truths. A person who is rough, rigid, and only sees one path as being the only correct answer.

Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

The Hermit represents the need to slow down and absorb more of a peaceful and quite life. The Hermit finds his knowledge and wisdom through exploration of the self rather then the physical world around him. The Hermit separates himself from the more superficial aspects of life in order to find true self-awareness. The Hermit does not just experience life but he uses that experience to understand why things are the way they are. The Hermit is about learning of the self and the motivations behind his own personal actions and thinking. The Hermit represents a more meditative state of mind, one in which focus of ones purpose is of central importance. The Hermit is more self-centered so he can become more aware of any negative patterns or cycles he is repeating in hopes of alleviating them for the good of everyone.

When this card is reversed is represents being overly stagnant and a refusal to accept change. A person who refuses to look beyond the past, address their present situations, or anticipate a better future.

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