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~This or that?~

I definitely think that I like "1000 Words" as opposed to "Real Emotion"

So to all you Final Fantasy fans. Which song do -you- prefer... and why?

My reasoning is because I am a sucker for melancholy. That song just gives me the shivers and coupled with the visuals. Damn. That was beautiful. ^_^

I am going to make a songfic of Citan and Sigurd to this.. spanning through -all- their lives. I can actually -see- it in my mind.

1.) Damien & Jeriah
2.) Roni & Mathias
3.) Sigurd & Citan
4.) Gabriel & Thaddeus

Taking all the tragic things that happen to them.. and putting them together into a songfic. Now that I got several of the songfics on my list actually -done-. That is what I am going to do. ^_^

Project for tomorrow! *claps*
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