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~Part Three of "Just One Night"~

Part Three of "Just One Night"
Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Sigurd x Citan
Author: One Winged Hyu

The night passed by in a whirl for both of them. Often it is said that time flies when you are having fun. That could not of been closer to the truth. For it was all too soon that time rushed through the leisurely dinner that they had at one of Etrenak's most well estabilished resturants. Then off to a dancing club that most of the 1st class citizens of Solaris came to on evenings, a way to get out and have fun. It would be noted that Sigurd was quite in love with the way that Hyuga protested about going out on the floor to dance, even though Sigurd -was- able to wear him down in the end and dragged him for more then their share of dancing.

And it was around eleven when they both walked into the hotel, Hyuga attached to Sigurd's arm and they approaching the front desk. It filled Hyuga with a bit of melancholy of course. He had made reservations for the Grand Solarian, reservations which he had to -cancel- because of Sigurd's impending departure. But Hyuga was not going to allow him to think about that, no.

"Reservations for Harcourt." Sigurd said to the front desk clerk with a sauve smile, his hold around Hyuga's waist remaining firm, remaining adamant in the fact that he would not let go. At least not tonight and the time that they still had together. How could you cry for yesterday when it was still today?

A blush crossed over the woman's cheek, never let it be said that Sigurd did not possess his fair share of charm. She handed them the keys after Sigurd signed a few slips of paper. He pocked the keys and then turned to Hyuga, with his blue eyes sparkling softly. "Shall we, Hyu?" A purr to his voice and the gleam to his eyes that made Hyuga's breath catch almost painfully.in his throat. As much as it hurt tonight, Hyuga knew full well that it was going to hurt even worse tomorrow.

Sigurd led Hyuga away from the front desk and down the foyer to the alcove that led to the elevators. He pressed a button and then watched as the numbered lights over the gleam of the silver elevator doors. Slowly counting down. To pass a few sweet seconds, Sigurd leaned down and brushed his lips over Hyuga's neck, a flush of pleasure running through him at the shiver that immediately enfolded his lover's body. A few stolen nibbles down smooth column of neck, a few bites not intended to draw blood but rather inflame the senses. Slowly his hand rested on Hyuga's hip and sought to caress the sensitive area above the hip, his fingers brushing almost tantilizingly against the cloth of Hyuga's uniform.

The elevator doors did not open soon enough for them. It seemed like an eternity, but it was a welcomed eternity, the illusion of time running alot more slowly then it was, it was needed between them in this moment. Perhaps if the doors never opened, then Sigurd would not have to leave in the morning.

~I could stand here forever.. for eternity in his arms..~ Hyuga thought longingly as those kisses rained down like drops of elemental fire upon skin that he felt was too cool to the touch. He -needed- that fire that his lover gave him constantly.. if he didn't have Sigurd, he knew he would grow cold.. cold and perhaps even more cut off from the rest of the world.. and he didn't want that... he didn't want to think of a life without Sigurd, without know where he was or if he was alright.

However the elevator finally chose that time to open up it's platinum portals and the two boys stepped in, perfectly in sync as if they had been born to be together.. arm in arm and hand in hand. Sigurd reached over to the little control panel and pressed down a button on one of the top floors where suites that were located that were usually reserved for married couples and people on their honeymoon. A eyebrow raised ever so slightly as he watched Sigurd press the button and then the elevator started to rise upward as if it were going to the heavens and in all actuality they were, though Hyuga knew that the fall would hurt in the morning. To fly so close to heaven only to know that your wings were going to get stripped of you come the light of dawn, it was a sobering thought.

His first and initial reaction was to distance himself right here at this moment, to make it so that the fall was cushioned. However on reflection he knew he could not do it, it would hurt no matter -what- happened tonight, it was better if it hurt for a good reason. That was Hyuga's heart speaking to him and he cuddled up closer to Sigurd, intent on listening to it. There would be time for logic in the days ahead.

The doors slid open and they were standing in a foyer with only a few rooms. This was the antebellum leading into the suites at the Grand Solarian Hotel and Hyuga was certain that this cost Sigurd most of his salery to get this room for one night. Quite honestly Hyuga would of been happy with just a room and a bed to share with Sigurd, for certainly it was the arms and not the class of the room that he needed.

"It was worth it..." Sigurd said matter-of-factly, sensing the emotions that flickered through Hyuga's mind and responding to them almost instinctively. "It is not like I will have anyone else to spend my money on when I get back down to the surface." Sigurd slid the card key into the slider and then watched as the door moved out of the way, revealing the room. The room was beyond description, everything decorated in shades of dark red and gold, the picture of sensuality. A large couch set in front of a giant holo screen TV, a little bar set off to one side with ingredients for a variety of drinks alchoholic or otherwise, and the window..the view of Entranak was breathtaking, due to the fact that there was a picture window that wrapped nearly across the entire living room, affording a view of the lights below as well as the stars above.

"Sigurd.. this is amazing." Hyuga said as he stepped inside and removed his jacket, folding it up immaculately and placing it on one of the chairs near the entryway for later, no sooner had he done it then without warning he felt Sigurd shift and in a matter of moments he was pinned against the wall. Between a rock and a very hard place. He moaned softly as lips sought lips in the half light of the room, Sigurd's lips was hot and moist and he nearly moaned at the sheer feeling of it all. Instantly he felt like he was drowning and his knees buckled.. but he did not fall, not being in the kind of position that he was right now.

"Bed..." Sigurd breathed huskily against Hyuga's rosy lips as if that was the only word that mattered in this single moment.

"You are going to have to carry me, Sigurd.." Hyuga whispered, for his legs would not move, he didn't trust them to walk across the room. With certainty he felt himself getting picked up and into Sigurd's strong arms, and he didn't want to leave them. Sure movements coupled with softly melding lips brought them walking through the living room and finally the doorway of the bedroom was breached with seeming nonchalance.

Sigurd had been in the room earlier this afternoon, setting up for the romantic evening to come. So when he carried him and lay him down on the bed, he very softly kissed against his lover's lips and purred softly. "Do not open your eyes Hyu... if you do I promise I shall spank you.."

"That almost gives me incentive to open them, Sigurd.." Even though Hyuga immediately closed his eyes and lay back against the dark red satin comforter. His black hair spread out like an evening poem and his breathing coming softly in anticipation. The air was charged with the sparks that only could be created between them, nothing else could fufill them and they both instinctively knew this.

With just a little bit of concentration, Sigurd had lighted all the candles in the bedroom so that they all glowed and rippled with Sigurd's energy. He had placed them all over the bedroom, and they were gathered most profusely around the bed where Hyuga lay there with his eyes closed.. the candlelight immediately playing against that smooth pale skin as if it were their own.

~He -is- mine...~ Sigurd thought to himself as he turned around to catch the sight, his breath hitched in his throat when he looked upon his lover laying there so quiet, so still. And looking for all the appearance as if he needed love's first kiss to waken him.

Sigurd found one of the gaps between the candles and stepped through it before finally crawling onto the bed to lean over Hyuga, looking down at the beautiful man with shining blue eyes before finally he leaned in to place a kiss on those begging lips. A slow lingering kiss that was tinged with romantic intentions. Slowly Hyuga opened his eyes when Sigurd drew his lips away, his chocolate brown eyes so limpid and vulnerable... this man.. had become vulnerable to him. It was something that made his heart clench even more painfully. He was giving up this.. for a foray down to the surface that might very well get him killed. Not for the first time did Sigurd have second thoughts. But he knew that Hyuga just as he didn't -want- him to go would likewise tell him that he -had- to.

Casting his eyes around the room and catching the candles flickering and casting their seductive shadow over everything, Hyuga smiled gently before puting his gaze back onto Sigurd's. "How very romantic.."

"Anything for you, Hyu.." Sigurd said before pressing Hyuga's head back onto the bed with his own lips, so hungry and fraught with passion. His tongue gently coaxing Hyuga's lips in order to seek entrance, lightly running over fleshy lower lip before he could feel Hyuga gasp and allow him entrance.. an entrance which he immediately gained for his own. Now it would start and he was vowed to keep this night in his memory.. forever.

Placing his hands on Sigurd's hips, when he went back down onto the bed he had adeptly brought Sigurd with him so that his lover was extremely close and their bodies were pressed up as close as they could feasibly get at this point in time. Aching though because there was still clothes between them and that is what instinctively Sigurd sought to do next as his hands started on the buttons of Hyuga's uniform, it was extreme practice what got the uniform off so smoothly, he had done this countless times in more ways then he could begin to enumerate. In the library, in the gear hangers, their room, the locker rooms.. every place imaginable that two boys could get away with being alone... or at least attempt to.

Inch by inch of Hyuga's skin was revealed to Sigurd's ravenous hands, spreading back the fabric in order to further accentuate the great feast that had been provided to him. He dragged his lips away from Hyuga's moaning mouth and started to lightly nibble against Hyuga's neck as his hands continued to seek out and vanquish every piece of material that hid his Hyuga from him. The shirt was cast aside, leaving Hyuga's chest, by no means smooth, the scars were still there.. scars that were the price that he paid for surviving the plauge in his slave block when he was younger. Scars which Sigurd loved to run his lips over for they were extremely sensitive and to ply his lips over -every- scar would invariably leave Hyuga on his back for hours, enjoying each shiver running through him. And soon, very soon Hyuga's pants went as well.. discarded just as easily.

Hyuga's hands reached up to start on Sigurd's shirt as well.. tugging his lover out of it so that he could see that smooth tanned chest in the glow of the candlelight. The shirts were discarded on the other side of the expanse of bed, after all it would not do to throw it off the bed and chance it catching fire against a candle. That would not be good at all. Their chests pressing together as kisses rained heatedly across neck and shoulders, invariably trailing fire up along precious skin. Hot silky trails did Hyuga run along Sigurd's chest, taking a few nips and tugging with teeth, fueled on the moan that emitted from Sigurd's lips.

"Hyu... don't.. stop." Sigurd moaned as they switched positions, with Hyuga laying atop Sigurd's body and raining kisses down onto his lover's collarbone. A nibble here, his tongue delving into the hollow of the throat, circling with the intent to pleasure. Hyuga was too good at this, at knowing exactly -where- to hit in order to make Sigurd moan and buck upward.

Fingers trailed along the taut stomach, flicked over the navel to play with the silver ring artistically placed enough to be teasing to Hyuga's eyes. He could not help it, he was temporarily halted while he flicked the ring lightly, seemingly entranced by the little piece of jewelry set in such a fascinating place. The moans streaming like a litany had been enough incentive for Hyuga to continue along this vein, taking all possible enjoyment out of it. Like liquid fire, his lips went lower until they had the ring between his teeth and he was flicking it back and forth with his tongue. Such ministrations were also driving Sigurd wild with desire and his trousers were growing painfully tight. So tight that it would be a necessity to get out of them soon.

However like the skilled and logical thinker that he was, he had the moves plotted out before Sigurd even had a chance to clear his muddled mind and -think- the steps all the way through. For Hyuga had his fingers working the clasps and fastens, before finally tugging down the pants that were shielding his lover's lust.. breathing softly against Sigurd's navel as he ran his fingers over the stiffened arousal laying there on a bed of downy white. Each touch effected a shiver, each brush of Hyuga's thumb down the shaft brought forth a soft whimper pouring from Sigurd's lips.

A few tentative touches and then Hyuga's lips crossed the slight distance and pressed a light kiss against the head of Sigurd's cock, tracing his tongue against the pool of precum lingering in the slit and savoring the bittersweet taste. And then he slid his tongue out and downward so that it could fully lathe against sensitive underside, now aware that Sigurd's eyes were on him. Sigurd's hand tangled through his locks of midnight and then drew them away from Hyuga's face so that he could watch the alluring sight put before him. And Hyuga was not one to grudge his lover a show, so be backtracked his way up Sigurd's cock and when next he had settled, it was with his ruby lips around the blushing head.

An anguished sob poured forth from Sigurd's lips accompanied by the melodious staccatto of pants that dare disturb the quietness of the room. They only got more fervered in pitch when Hyuga's mouth started their sweet suction and slid even further down until Sigurd hit the back of his throat. That was when he started moving up and down.

"Oh gods, please Hyu.. don't.. I can't.. nnngh.." Sigurd's voice moaned out almost pleadingly.

"I am merely preparing you, Sigurd my love." Hyuga said matter of factly as his mouth pulled away enough for him to speak, the warmth of his breath reflecting up and off the slickened arousal.

"I am.. prepared, but please Hyu.. soon, I can't.. come without you." Sigurd breathed out.

Hyuga glanced up at his lover, caught the desperation in that voice and then nodded as he slowly removed his lips and started to crawl upwards and leaned up to catch his lover in a sensual kiss. "I am ready too.. I.. need you, Sig." Hyuga said softly as he slowly nuzzled his nose against Sigurd's in an affectionate gesture.

Sigurd panted as he placed one hand on Hyuga's slim hip, the other hand went to lightly tease against Hyuga's pinkened entrance, slowly slipping it with a finger slickened from his having sucked on it to keep from nearly screaming with pleasure. Slowly he probed and stretched. One finger to start off and then two for good measure.. after the third had done it's job, he slipped them away from that intoxication warmth and then placed the hand on Hyuga's other hip.

"Sit on me, Hyu.." Sigurd whispered instructions as he felt Hyuga slip so that he was kneeling on Sigurd's lap, the tip of Sigurd's hard erection pressing against his entrance. He closed his eyes as he slowly guided it in to him, such warmth and such intrusion respectively affecting the two boys who almost in unison moaned lowly. It was a harmony that was not foreign to them.. such connection almost sacred, almost holy in the way that it affected both of them. It was a connection that had spanned years, countless centuries and innumerable millenia. However each union was a blessing so precious that it could not be refuted. Never would the two men take their bond for granted.

Inch by inch, Sigurd slid into Hyuga though it was Hyuga that was controlling the pace. Finally though Sigurd was all the way hilted into Hyuga's velvet depths and they opened their eyes and looked into each others eyes. Fatima blue eyes met chocolate brown ones.. a moment of transcendent understanding passed between them. Countless incarnations systematically peered through those eyes.. eyes that never changed.. never. Situations came and went but those eyes.. they stayed the same.. glowing blue and limpid brown.

~I love you...~

~As do I... my other half~

With a whispering breath from Sigurd, Hyuga started to move up and down around Sigurd as a sweet pleasure filled him up with each tentative thrust. Slowly his arms draped around Sigurd's shoulders to steady himself.as their hips ground together, sending Sigurd as deep as possible and likewise setting a beautiful rhythem. Almost inaudible words breathed against each other's lips as they looked into each other's eyes with half-lidded langour. There was nothing that needed to be said beyond the honey filled endearments.

They would not fly for 15 more years but they would come close a handful of times.. this was one of them. The pace quickened between them with Sigurd hitting in deeper and harder, striking against Hyuga's treasured spot. That caused more then a few strangled gasps to emmerge from Hyuga, their foreheads pressed together. Hyuga's muscles clenched instinctively around Sigurd's length, milking the other boy insistently. They did not know how long they were there, or even when the pace had sped up to be so quick that they were starting to sweat.. they were so lost in each other. So lost in the feelings.

"Hyu.. I'm gonna.... oh gods.." Sigurd whispered as he shifted their moving bodies so that they were now with Hyuga's back against the bed and Sigurd controlling it. The silvery haired boy started to drive into Hyuga with a force that almost knocked the wind out of the other, their bodies melding together and Sigurd hitting the spot with each rapid fire thrust.

The sensations, the pressure was too much and Hyuga felt himself reaching for the orgasm like a star, trying to pluck it from the skies.. once it was in his hand he came writhing and moaning underneath Sigurd, his cries echoing out in the room while the glow of the candlelight seemed to dim ever so slightly. At the cue, at his lover's passion Sigurd let out his own strangled cry and let it loose, having had held it in for the advent of Hyuga's coming, it came out with a force.. and the moment after the candles dimmed, the candles then flared up sharply and everything became a little bit brighter, basking them in warmth. Sigurd spilled his seed into Hyuga's warmth and then he steadied his shaking limbs so as to not completely collapse on Hyuga. Both their eyes opened lazily to caress each other, both their pants were in time with each other and they stared for a good few moments as they came down off of their high.

It would be their last time for a very long time, and somewhere deep inside they knew this, they were aware of it. But they couldn't cry, not yet.. not when they were so comfortable with each other. Tonight was not a time for tears, that would be tomorrow when they both stood on the docks and said their goodbyes.

Wordlessly Hyuga opened his arms and Sigurd gratefully slipped into them so that they were now lying on the bed, twined by limbs.. and by something far stronger. Something that went beyond them, something that was so aching and beautiful and undeniably strong. A slight shifting and then they were in the position that their souls had known throughout the ages. With Sigurd on his back and Hyuga curled up to his side, resting his head on his lover's chest.

There they fell asleep after a long while of silence in which their only way of communication was their breaths. A unspoken promise that they would always return to each other.. no matter the life, no matter the circumstances, no matter -what- befell them.

And that had to be enough.

~We met in the mist of the morning
And parted deep in the night
Broken sword and shield
And tears that never fall
But run through the heart..
Washed away by the darkest waters
The world is peaceful and still.

Broken mirror.. a million shades of light
The old echo fades away
But just you and I can find the answer
And then we can run to the end of the world
We can run to the end of the world..
Run to the end of the world.~

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