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~Part Two of Just One Night~

Part Two of "Just One Night"
Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Sigurd x Hyuga (Citan)
Author: One Winged Hyu

Two hours had indeed passed and Hyuga was in his room, staring at the screen of his computer that was hooked up to Solaris.net. An opened book was laying on his knee and a notepad on the table that did not actually have -stuff- crowding on it. He couldn't concentrate on work though, it was impossible especially with the dull ache that had started in his heart and seemed not to go away. Let us not forget the urge that I have in my stomach to retch. He thought tentatively as he clicked on a few icons in order to get study information.

Jesiah Blanche was known to say that when Hyuga was upset with something or someone, he didn't cry, he didn't vocalize it. What he did was -work-. And obsessively as well. But right now Hyuga found it increasingly hard to concentrate on anything, he was that upset. Rain lightly pattered on the window and since it -never- rained, Hyuga had a sneaking suspicion that it was Sigurd and Kahran's doing. Do they ever -stop-? Hyuga thought as he cast a glance over at the droplet splattered window and then reaching over for the asprin that he had bottled up by the computer desk. Stress headaches, he got them usually during tests and finals. Being of course of the persuasion of people that studied relentlessly with the hangup in their mind that unless they did not study until their eyes fell, they would inevitably fail. No matter that Hyuga got the perfect scores out of the bunch.

Closing his book, and placing it on the counter he then started to power down his machine, watching it go through all the motions. Asking him to click here for cofirmation on logging off, watching the finalization bar fill up and then the screen went as black as night.

Hyuga could sympathize with such blackness, it was the same sort that he felt right now was filling up his soul, a nice companionable 'doom and gloom'. Will I ever see him again? That is what Hyuga wanted to know though he could give no -valid- answers.

Rising up from his chair, he placed it neatly back underneath the desk and then walked over to the window, looking out onto the grounds of Jugend with eyes that were at this point in time somewhat dully focused on the training fields. He was there for a good 10 minutes before he heard the soft whrrrhing of the slide door opening. I will not turn around.. Hyuga promised himself

There was footsteps and then they stopped just behind him. He felt a hand on his shoulder, massaging softly as if that could truly ease the tension he felt in him. And then there was a quiet voice, full of concern with the tone a bit plaintive. "Hyu?" Came the voice that Hyuga had come to love over the past 2 years. But then Hyuga loved -everything- about the guy. Hyuga promised himself that he wouldn't break into tears, he would not lose control -that- easily. Not now.

"Yes Sigurd?" Hyuga said, or at least trying to say it stiffly. It was only natural of course that he kept himself at a distance, that was what he did when under the threat of losing something or someone. He had done that when he watched his entire family die of the plauge that swept over A block. That had been what inspired him to help formulate the cure, that is what had gotten him into Jugend. No matter that he had been infected with the bug at the very end and thereby suffered scars running along the torso, scars that Professor Krelian had tried to eradicate with extensive reconstructive surgery.

They'd go away in time, Krelian had said.

But those scars, they had been a symbolism of what he had -lost-. For that he was made slightly melancholy. The scars though that would be left when Sigurd left. He didn't think they would ever go away, that is what scared him. How do you get rid of scars on hearts?

Sigurd took a deep breath to compose his thoughts as he slid his hands down Hyuga's smooth back and then rested both palms on Hyuga's hips, drawing the other man to him before finally he got him close enough and then those arms slipped around Hyuga's waist. "I don't -want- to leave, Hyuga. If I could in good conscious stay here with you, I would.. just as I know that if you could in good conscious come down to the surface with me, you'd do that to me." Sigurd said, burrowing his face into Hyuga's unbound raven black hair, inhaling the scent of green tea that he had always found so endearing, an essence of the boy that he fell in love with.

"We might.. never get to see each other again." There was a doleful tone to his voice though he was trying to supress it. Accomplishing much? Hardly.

"Oh come on, Hyu.. don't think that, that is just fatalistic, you know this as well as I." Sigurd said, a disapproving whisper into his lover's ear. "Besides we have tonight and if you think for one moment that I'm gonna let both of us sit around here and mope then you have another thought coming." And then he managed to nuzzle the hair away from his lovers neck and he started to caress it with soft rain light kisses coupled with tiny little nips that would leave faint marks where his lips had came in contact with it's paleness.

"Oh? And I suppose that you have made plans."

"I -have-." Sigurd said with an impish smile, the type that looked as if there were quite a bit of thought going into it. When Sigurd thought out something, you could be certain that it was -just- as detailed as anything that Hyuga himself could come up with. "First a nice dinner, then a bit of dancing and then finally to the Grand Solarian Hotel where I've a room booked for us." Sigurd said, his lips a hairsbreadth away from Hyuga's ear even as his hand slid down from Hyuga's waist to the crotch of Hyuga's elements uniform to very enticingly knead against the treasure lay buried underneath there. That illicited a low moan from Hyuga's lips as he leaned back into Sigurd's arms. He could not argue with the battering ram that was Sigurd's physical reasoning.

And it was luscious instinct that dictated the growing arousal in Hyuga's pants. Sigurd allowed himself a very satisfied smile, even as he pressed upon spots that he knew where there and extremely sensitive. Finally unzipping the smooth black slacks and slipping a hand inside. Hyuga's breathing was growing a bit more strained underneath the power that Sigurd wielded over him, not to mention those fingers that were right now bypassing silken boxers in order to get to Hyuga's straining shaft. A thumb brushed against the head, blinding Hyuga to all dictates of reason.

Somehow in the insuing minutes Sigurd managed to slid around to in front of Hyuga. His hand temporarily taking a hiatus in the fleeting move. That was until Sigurd could look right down at Hyuga and then his hand resumed it's light ministrations against that rigid shaft. Hyuga licked his parted lips as he reached out and put his hands on Sigurd's shoulders to steady himself. "Sig.." Hyuga meant to protest that perhaps they should get to where they were going, if Sigurd had reservations and all. However Sigurd managed to raise a finger to press against Hyuga's lips.

"Tonight is -your- night." Sigurd said softly as he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Hyuga's waiting lips. Reflexive to somehow -stifle- the protests that he knew were second nature to his lover. And oh his lover was beautiful, Sigurd could somehow not marvel enough at the fact. Very gently he felt Hyuga's lips part underneath his and he took that opportunity to dip his tongue past those rose hued gates of flesh and absorbing the taste of his lover; green tea was the prevailing taste and he lapped it up, running his tongue finally against the silken wetness, even as Hyuga moaned lowly against the wet intrusion.

Passion arc'd into that kiss. Starting at Sigurd and ending in Hyuga. A few steps backward with Sigurd leading and Hyuga's back was pressed up against the wall, a suitable support. Not like Hyuga could of noticed, so entranced he was by the magical lure of Sigurd's lips. His fingers pressing into his lover's shoulders. He was prey to this kiss and when it ended, he knew that it would be such a desperate torture.

Gasping for air, Sigurd drew back a hairsbreadth. Still sharing space with Hyuga but noticing that his lover was gasping for air as well. Fatima blue eyes met depths of chocolate brown before he slipped his hands out of those snug pants. Music to his ears came the soft whimper that was so unnatural rolling off of Hyuga's tongue, it was a sign that the other boy -wanted- him

Unfortunately at thsi moment Sigurd was going to only give Hyuga a -taste- of what was going to happen tonight. Very slowly he started to nibble and suck against the skin of Hyuga's neck, pulling with his teeth gently eager to give reminders that would last a while after Sigurd left. That inspired a moan from Hyuga, his hands reaching up to curl in locks of Sigurd's white hair while his neck inclined to give his lover more access.

Slipping to his knees as he completely bypassed the chest area save for a few furtive touches here and there, he was finally kneeled before what he -really- wanted. The undone fastens of Hyuga's uniform trousers. Once again his hands slipping into the folds, but now it was to part them, it was to draw the treasure -out- of them. His fingers curled around warmly ridged flesh that seemed to pulse in his hand. Begging even as he could hear Hyuga's moans reinforce that need. "You are so perfect, Hyu." Sigurd said reverently as he darted his tongue out to run up the length of Hyu's sex even though it was leisurely slow. Slow enough for Hyuga to actually -concentrate- on the feel of Sigurd's tongue. Pausing ever so often in order to nibble with teeth and lips again skin that was burning with his lover's need.

"Oh gods, Sigurd. You are very.. good at this." Hyuga managed to gasp as he leaned back completely against the wall, thankful for the support, he highly doubted that his knees would be able to support him in this case. Warm shivers ran through his body, deep waves of pulsing lust.

Very briefly Sigurd tore his lips away from the heated length that was coated with his saliva. "Not nearly as good.. as you." Sigurd purred before he positioned his mouth over the tip of Hyuga's cock and then slowly and silently took it into the warm volcano of his mouth, the heat and the wetness enfolding him and his mouth forming a snug vice from which Hyuga would rather die then escape. And the ways that Sigurd treated that length, it was like Hyuga had suddenly become a tasty treat for the other man to savor, the sucking noises, the humming softly. A tongue lathing and painting the vision behind Hyuga's lids into something red, hot and hazy.

Fingers curled into Sigurd's lock of white silken hair while his hips started bucking against his lover's face without volition, he couldn't of stopped himself even if he had tried. Whimpering softly with pleasure that was caught so much in the pain of release. And those lips only got tighter and more insistant, head bobbing back and forth, running tongue roughly against the underside and coaxing Hyuga to climax, desiring it even. And all the while Hyuga gave into Sigurd with his words. He had been tentative at first but the fact could not be disguised, Hyuga -did- want Sigurd, and what was more, he needed him.

"Mmmmm.. yes, Sigurd.. I.. Oh gods.. yes.. yes!' Hyuga murmured almost incoherantly as orgasm approached and then sent him hurtling. His very body racked with spasms, his balls clenched with the pressure before he felt himself explode into Sigurd's mouth. Felt himself release a creamy stream that he felt his lover lap up, lap up as if it were the most delectable of delacacies. The tongue movements already was tempting Hyuga enough, not to mention that he was feeling his body continue to quake and spasm, in memory of the tongue motions that brought it on and wanted so desperately to come again.

Sigurd pulled his mouth away finally, running his wet tongue over lips and then looking up at Hyuga's panting visage with eyes that were somewhat slitted with contentment. The taste of come lingered in his mouth but he didn't mind, in fact it was almost pleasant. "That is how you make me feel -every- time you do that to me." Sigurd said as he pulled himself up from his knees and then very carefully tucked Hyuga back into the confines of his black slacks. "You are so beautiful writhing like that." Sigurd said as he brushed his lips against Hyuga's.

No doubt, Hyuga wrapped his arms around Sigurd's shoulders and opened his mouth, coaxing Sigurd's tongue into his own mouth. Seeking to share the musky taste and likewise getting his wish. Their tongues dueled like that for a long moment with Hyuga having to take frequent pauses to catch his breath. "That was.. that was simply incredible." Hyuga said as he nuzzled his lips against Sigurd's cheek, letting out a purring noise that a kitten would. After all he -was- Sigurd's little kitten. For a brief moment Hyuga was tempted to throw it all away and go down to the surface with his lover. But duty ran deep through Hyuga's blood and it was easier said or rather -thought- then done.

"And now, for a night that we will never forget.." Sigurd said as he swayed there with Hyuga in his arms, hesitant to let Hyuga go. But let go he must and he did. And they proceeded to get changed into more casual attire fit for their night in Entrenak.

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