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~3 Part -Late- Christmas Present for lostangelssong

This is a Sigurd x Citan fic. Taking place on Sigurd's last day / night in Solaris. It is smut with -mild- plot. Nothing too hideously kinky except the soul bonding through anal sex cliche that is referenced at the very end.

Part One of "Just One Night"
Pairing: Sigurd x Hyuga (Citan)
Author: One Winged Hyu

This is for you, Michelle. Enjoy it! ^_^

They still had the night.

That was all that ran through 17 year old Sigurd Harcourt's mind the day that they were sitting in their usual classes, the work load having gotten easier as they progressed through the ranks and their duties as Elementals drew them further and further away from their positions as novice students. However this day was uneventful and he sat in his usual spot, a desk flanked by Kahran Ramsus on one side of him and Hyuga Ricdeau on the other. He bit at the end of his pencil as his gaze flicked over to where Hyuga was sitting, his face buried in a school book while his right hand twirled a pen in his hand. It was a nervous gesture, jittery. Hyuga never got jittery, Sigurd knew this for a fact.

He didn't blame the other man, after all Sigurd was not feeling well himself. For the same reason that he knew Hyuga was. He was going to leave the next day, his passage on the transport ship had been marked and noted. In less then 24 hours he would be stowed away and heading off to the surface where his half brother needed him. The war in Aveh had grown to disasterous lenghts and he had to be there for him, for them. Even if it meant leaving Hyuga. Hyuga who in the past two years had served as his most devoted friend, and in the past year his most beloved lover. Sigurd read the waves of emotions rolling off of Hyuga or rather listened for there was nothing to read into, he knew that man like the back of his hand and only made more intense by the physical and emotional connection that they had bound each other up in.

At lunch, Hyuga had barely touched his food and remained silent through the whole conversation that had sprang up about the homework they had gotten for advanced gear tactics which was strange because well Hyuga -always- had something to say about any given situation, especially about gears or machines of any sort. Sigurd had tried to reach for his lover's hand but Hyuga had drawn it away as if the very touch of Sigurd had stung.

It was his own way of coping, Sigurd understood this and yet.. well he didn't want Hyuga to draw away from him, at least not yet. Not while he was still here at Jugend. Their parting tomorrow was going to be hard enough without today adding to it. His eyes caressed his lover's profile, the way that the shoulder length raven hair was caught back with a crimson hair tie, one that had been given to him by Sigurd. High cheekbones, so refined and delicate, as beautiful as any woman. On his nose perched small spectacles that kept slipping down until he was forced to push them up again and ultimately they drew attention to his soft limpid chocolate eyes. The body underneath that uniform.. it was perfect too even though Hyuga said that it wasn't. Sigurd stopped his thoughts, he knew where they were going.. right down into the gutter.

A note landed on his desk and he glanced over to the desk on the other side of him, only to see Kahr -pretending- to study. A light smile played over his lips as he unfolded the note and read over the contents.

Meet me in the Weather Control, system today after school. We'll play one last prank before you leave.

Sigurd could not help but grin as he folded the note back up and stuffed it into his pocket. Yes a prank would be par for the course. It would only be too easy to sneak out after class and it would serve the faculty right, not to mention it pissed Krelian off. And quite honestly whenever Sigrud and Kahr could get a chance to piss off the Head Scientist, the better.

The bell rang, floating through the air and Sigurd gathered up his books, stuffing them into his pack and then watched as Hyuga did the same, except his movements were a great deal slower. Sigurd held up one finger to pause Kahr in what he was about to say and then he took the few steps at Hyuga's desk and then pushed that long lock of platinum white out of his eyes. It was a lock of hair that never seemed to stay put no matter -how- much he brushed it back.

"Hyu..?" Sigurd said almost uncertainly as he placed both his hands on the desk and looked over at Hyuga who had raised his head to look at Sigurd. Immediately Sigurd was shot down by the look in those eyes. Silently suffering, that is what they were. And they killed Sigurd as surely as any katana blow could do.

"Yes Sigurd?" Hyuga murmured quietly as he placed his own notebooks in his bookbag as he drew his eyes away from Sigurd's vibrant blue eyes. Eyes that were like sparkling sapphires glinting underneath a blue lagoon. His voice everything that was perfect, everything that was proper. Model student, model soldier, model -everything- How was it that Hyuga did not feel lucky or privledged right now.

"Hyu.. I am going off with Kahr for an hour or two, last night sort of thing.. but.. I'll be back." Sigurd said reassuringly. "Is that.. alright?" Sigurd inquired uncertainly.

Something passed over Hyuga's eyes and then he shrugged, shaking his head and then turning around so that he could make his way to the door. "Do whatever it is that you wish, Sigurd. I shall be in my room." Sigurd sighed and then raked a few fingers through his own white lock and slung the pack over his shoulder. Hyuga was angry. That was only evident, but it was beneath the surface and Sigurd knew well enough that Hyuga would sooner slit his throat with his own sword before revealing them to anyone.

"I wish I didn't have to go." Sigurd sighed and kicked at some imaginary pebble underneath his feet.

"It's for your family, Sig.. you can't just leave them hanging like that, 'sides, You and Hyuga might meet again, who knows." Kahr said before he grabbed Sigurd's hand. "Now.. we have some weather to screw up." Kahr said, his golden eyes glittering impishly.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right." Sigurd said as he then followed his friend out of the door of the classroom, the afternoon now having started, his last afternoon at Jugend.

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