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~It all keeps tumbling down..~

* Starting Time: 10:37 MST
* Name On Birth Certificate: Tanya Renee Warren
* Nicknames: Nia, Punkin, Prince Nia, One Winged Hyu, Bondage Seraph, Angel Nia
* Age: 24
* Birthday: Sept 9th, 1979.
* School: I currently do not go to one
* Email: thewitchesthree@hotmail.com I actually used this when me and Preston had broken up and Mel and I decided to send some of our mansex to him. So it was made anonymously and of course I decided to keep it after me and Mel started going out, and so I have had it ever since.. one of my last remenants of Mel.. I've had this email addy for four years
* Color Of Eyes: Green.
* Color Of Hair: Black right now
* Shoe Size: 8 1/2
* Brothers/Sisters: Being that my father has had more wives then Solomon, I do not really count them.. except for the current one.. who has stayed. His name is Chris and he is a stepbrother.. he's also tried to hit on me.. squickysquickysquick!
* Age Of Brothers/Sisters: Brother = He is 24 now
* When Is Your Bedtime?: Whenever Kuro and Michelle go to bed

--------------- HAVE YOU EVER ---------------

* Been So Drunk You Blacked Out: Oh -many- a time
* Put A Body Part On Fire For Amusement: No. *blinks*;
* Been In A Car Accident: Yes, when I was 3 years old
* Been Hurt Emotionally: Who hasn't. I think I have been hurt my fair share, doesn't need elaborating
* Kept A Secret From Everyone: Unless I am drunk, I can keep a secret and never tell it to -anyone-.. however once you ply me with enough alchohol, I become Rin's Travel Agency in terms of information
* Had An Imaginary Friend: I did have tons of them growing up...
* Cried During A Movie: Yes, for being someone who doesn't emotionally -vent- very often, I sure do tend to cry at movies. Oh gods how I sobbed at Peter Pan
* Had A Crush On A Teacher: Oh dear no, the school where I went, all the teachers were OLD
* Been On Stage: Interesting thing about me is that I -love- the stage and attention, I do it the best at Disneyland though.. and I have pet Shamu.. only because when the guy came down our aisle to see if anyone wanted to go up and pet him, I pretty much -launched- myself at him.. I was 7 at the time.
* Cut Your Hair: Yes, I go through phases.. of course right now I am in a long hair phase
* Been Sarcastic: Not at all. ^_~

---------------- FAVORITES ----------------

* Shampoo: The Green Tea and Amber stuff I have.. very Citan and Sigurd.
* Soap: This herbal stuff that I got at the Chrone's Cupboard.
* Color: Green
* Day/Night: I am inherently a night person
* Summer/Winter: Summer.. I like warmth
* On-line Smiley: ^_^ unless I am embarassed then it is -_- Usually my muses provoke that one
* Cartoon Characters: I don't know..
* Fave Food: Breaded Okra dipped in thousand island. *dies in heaven*
* Fave Advertisement: We don't get TV so I don't know.. I like the gap ones for the mere fact that Duran Duran actually did a gap commercial.. it was so awesome, I was like "OMG SIMON, NICK!!" *Because Warren does not merit recognition*
* Fave Movie: That is difficult.. because I don't really -have- a favorite movie right now. -_- It used to be In & Out.. and I would just like to say that Tom Selleck plays a really good (and convincing) gay guy
* Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip
* Fave Subject: History and English
* Fave Drink: Coke (though I do like ice tea too)
* Fave Person: Michelle, Sora, Kuro and Electra

------------------ RIGHT NOW ------------------

* Wearing: Jeans, black T-shirt that says "Not Normally Afraid of Squirrels" and blue jeans.. and a hoodie wrapped around my waist
* I'm Feeling: Sort of apathetic.. this mood will last for several days... it has been set since oh, friday
* Drinking: Nothing, I should get a coke though
* Thinking About: The RP community I am going to create.. Myth Slash, There will be both male and femme slash there. ^_^
* Listening To: "A Million Love Songs" by Take That which is not conducieve toward an apathetic mood.. gee I need to listen to some Lacuna Coil
* Talking To: Absolutely no one.
* WATCHING: The words go type type type on the screen. (AND YAY "KOMM SUSSER TOD" just came on.. that is more fitting of my mood. )

---------------- IN THE LAST 24 HRS ----------------

* Cried: Nah
* Worn a skirt: I think I last wore a skirt on my -wedding- day.
* Met Someone New: Nope
* Done Laundry: I am folding it inbetween replies
* Driven A Car: I hate driving.

----------- DO YOU BELIEVE IN -----------

* Yourself: On and off, yes
* Your Friends: If I didn't believe in them, I wouldn't of gotten close
* Santa Clause: I believe in magic, I believe in some things not being questioned because of their sacredity
* Tooth Fairy: No, I don't belleve in the tooth fairy, that is a cheesy myth.. at least make it CONVINCING people
* Destiny/Fate: Is that why I keep getting screwed over all the time.. yeah I believe in it
* Angels: I am not certain on that one either
* Ghosts: *ehhs* Yes
* UFO's: Yup, just like Angue, I saw one.. damn living next to an expiriemental navel base, all sorts of wierd shit goes on there, I just know it

-------------- OTHER --------------

* Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I think I might have several girlfriends.. -_-
* Who Have You Known The Longest Of Your Friends: Viv and Mari..
* Who's The Loudest: Robbie probably
* Who's The Shyest: I think I take that one quite easily. ^_^
* Who's The Weirdest: Probably me
* Who Do You Go To For Advice: My Grandmother.. I know she is dead but I still pray to her.. if that sounds wierd
* Who Do You Cry With: I try not to cry around anyone
* When Did You Cry The Most: I think it was the day I came out
* What's The Best Feeling In The World: Being loved
* Finish Time: 11:00 MST

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