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~Tokyo Love Story~

Every moment my heart dies a fraction of a bit.. I find myself falling down the rabbit hole with nothing to hold onto. Angst is good, but not this type of angst. And I find myself relying on others to help as a buffer. A buffer for the eventual ground-meeting that I will face. Though granted if it were not for those two people, I probably would of gone something short of madness.. in a way, I think they are keeping me moored.. and perhaps even a little bit distanced from the situation at hand.

Sometimes that is what I think I need.. distance.

And then other times I think that is not at all what I need.

Between Scylla and Charbidys.

One will pull me under.. the other will bite my head off.. trying to keep a path between the two so that destruction doesn't come from either one or the other.

Which reminds me, I need to start up that myth-slash.. which I want Kuro to help me Co-mod. ^_^ *is gonna claim Apollo right off the bat* Because everyone will want to be Apollo...

Also.. sure way of telling my mood.. look at my icon.. or even the description for it where my icon page is.

This one is titled, "Citan angsting.. again" *heh's*
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