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~And now I'm laying here waiting for the sound of thunder~

Well my briefing of what happened yesterday.. from all day. Which goes into saying "Gee Nia, you had a crummy day"

I lost my ID card.. my military ID card that says I am the wife of a military member. I don't know when it happened, but my guess it was sometime when I was on the phone with Michelle. Yes, Alexi was steaming mad... which attributed for my disappearance for a while.. no not that disappearance, that comes later. Luckily though I appeased him with a curry dish I made. He liked it. They we proceeded to watch "Gone with the Wind"

I had sick-ass conversations with superelectra and kurohyou. Hey Angue, remember when we had that discussion about a slave master stealing boys and milking them of their love juices in order to sell it to the highest bidder.. well it sort of devolved into that (The conversation certainly didn't -evolve-). We talked about angst and somewhere along the line we ended up talking about Yuri and we all decided.

Yuna is boring

So is Het...

That makes Yuna = Het

(No offense to all you Yuna fans, I just can't stand her.. while she is somewhat better in FFX-2, she -still- grates on my nerves.)

And after that we trotted along finding pictures for our Yuri Cs.. then Electra had to go to bed, leaving me and Kuro to do some Seymour x Baralai OOC IC Non-con. Luckily though Seymour didn't turn into a large tentacle monster.. I bet Ademus wishes that Xion was Seymour.

And then Nia got summouned to -service- her husband. *bleachs* And I knew how Citan from my RP logs felt. I would like to say that I was imagining Sigurd, but I wasn't.. I was imagining Paine with a strap-on. -_- Yes, everyone can go, "OOh Nia, you are a naughty girlie!" I won't say you are wrong.

Came online, angsted to Kuro and Michelle and then got offline after two hours. (After Michelle drove me wild with Auron x Braska pictures (Which is a pairing that tickles my fancy.. Jecht is not in the equation because Jecht looks too much like my father.. and so it is a squick to me when he shows up.. Auron and Braska.. yes I can deal with that.. alot) And I ironed my husband's uniform.. then tossed myself into bed. Woke up when husband woke up in order to start the car and then tossed myself back into bed.

A very eventful day.

Now I am going to go fix myself some blueberry bagals with cream cheese and grab a soda.

Hmmmm creamy.. *winks at Kuro and Electra*


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