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~Smile smile for me~

Citan was very upset because I put the poll so that only friend's could answer it, and so since he is not set as one of my friends.. he gets the bad end of the deal.. it really sucks to be him.

Citan: *thinks Nia's Citan obsession is lame, just so that it goes on the record*

Well Citan, it's your fault for being so damn cute.

Citan: *throws katana at Nia* *And then directs his attention to kalldoro* What is -fun- about her obsession? *hmpfs and witholds cookies from her*

You don't hold the cookies, Citan.. -I- hold the cookies and kalldoro can have some!

Citan: *makes a gear voodoo doll for Nia*

*snickers* Over at chibi_fantasy, he was making mud pies with Auron.. it's cute.
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