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~Will I always be here?~

Here is a sample of some typical RP smut wtih me.. and the crazy OOC banter that goes along with it..

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
Here is something to ponder.. why do all my Cs tend to be blow job fanatics.. *snickers*

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
Citan: Because if you had your way, we'd all be cocksluts.. -_-

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
You -are- a cockslut, Citan.. don't even start.

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
Citan: *glowers*

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
(In your Room just came on)

countess_of_anime@hotmail.com says:
Shuurin: **he gasped at the sensation, blue eyes deepening in hue with each decadent lick, his fingers tightening in Ademus' hair as he shivered, rocking his hips forward**

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
(And the odds of that happening during this particular smut is -very- wierd.. being that my playlist is now up to 1474)

countess_of_anime@hotmail.com says:
((**Puts it on**))

countess_of_anime@hotmail.com says:
((LOL... interesting..))

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
(I think it is Ademus.. he is fucking with my playlist again)

countess_of_anime@hotmail.com says:
((Trying to set the mood? **Snickers**))

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
Ademus: *That was a hint, an invitation that Ademus could not resist and he groaned as his mouth opened slowly in order to take the other man inch by suculent inch into his mouth, and sucking on the head as if Shuurin was a delicious piece of candy.. though this kind of candy would be hard on the outside but filled with a rich creamy center... *

~One Winged Hyu~ says:
(How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie roll pop!)

~One Winged Hyu~ says:

countess_of_anime@hotmail.com says:
((XDD Or rather, a Shuurin pop? **Dies with you**))

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