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~Thanks to vadalia who created a new holiday~

~Pimp Your OTP Week~

And now to expound on my OTP, the whole pairing that when it comes down to it.. that is the pairing that I prefer. And that is *drumroll*

Citan Uzuki and Sigurd Harcourt.

Why do I love them so much? Why do I think they -belong- together. Probably because they are opposites enough for it to be feasible. They were also roommates at Jugend. (No, just being roommates does not constitute a homosexual relationship, I know.. but it is pretty damn fun to imagine). And one of the songs, "The Bonds of Sea and Fire.." from Xenogears always reminds me of those two because they were respectively the Elements of Water and Fire. It is just really easy to see them as more then friends..

Also 106 Xenologs will -also- do that to one.. until you just -want- them to be perfect for each other.. you've played with them so much that it is hard to imagine one without the other.. they are so twined

Which reminds me, I shall direct you to the Fandom icon, courtesy of Eibii.. thank you so much, you are fucking awesome! ^_^

So yes, Citan and Sigurd are my One True Pairing... nothing else comes close..

Except for maybe Nooj x Baralai x Gippal from FFX-2... but it's so -easy- to pair that little threesome up.

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