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~Dies laughing~

I am right now reading through the Petition to Ban Anime which I am not taking seriously but what is -vastly- fun to read through the comments of the people signing it. Here are a few personal favorites.

Anime is a form of evil that has not been seen since the days of Kruschev. It is Japan's second wave of attacks 60 years after Pearl Harbor. If we do not act now, our pop culture will fall to these dark invaders. - Bob P Harts

G'day to you,Mr. Dennis Fuller, I am an angel from the future from heaven. In the next 5 days, you will be tortured until you are faceless, skinless, boneless, and insane. You will just be a heap of organs, still connected. You will be totured in such a way that you suffer no blood loss. Then, a body part will be severed off every hour. After you've had your left lung, spleen, and penis cut off you will be set afire. You will die and be sentenced to hell for an eternity. You are a disgrace to Christians, Americans, and the Human Race as a whole. To avoid your days of torture, you have 5 days to take this petition off the net. You have been warned. -Angel from Heaven

People, please do the "resonsible" thing and ban Christianity. Hordes of idiots on Christianity-fueled rampages are being retards at a level unheard of since the Renaissance. -Fake Fakerson.

DO YOU PEOPLE NOT REALIZE THAT THIS IS A JOKE? Christ al-fucking-mighty, you idiots who signed saying shit like "DUURRRRRR!!!! ANIME RULZ!!!!!111 U SUK TEH HOMO!!!!!1`11" are the stupidest, most gullible bunch of fucking morons I have ever seen. Maybe if you idiots had half a fucking brain, you'd notice that that the guy's e-mail is neko332@rogers.com You really think that a guy who hates Japan and anime would have NEKO in his e-mail?? You stupid fucking morons, all of you. The guy who created this is sitting back and laughing his ass off at you assclowns, and so am I. -THIS IS A JOKE

Anime is the only reason I whack it anymore. ;x -Tankzor

Lets ban Pandas too, because they smell funny. -Sauceman

As a giant robot mantis, my purpose in life is to destroy anime cities and threaten anime people with my lazer vision. Each and every time, a bunch of magical schoolgirls or talking cats or people made of rice come out of nowhere and, without even asking, completely kick my ass. I don't even get royalties when it goes to dvd. Anime is unfair to giant monsters and robots everywhere! -Giant Robot Mantis

HELL YEAH! I saw Ranma ½ recently, and I was grossly offended. They showed grown men dressing up lika pandas and exploiting several other sexual fetishes. -RiNo

::cough:: FAG ::cough:: -asdf

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