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~You spin me right round..~

Okay, I was looking and once again I have a community to pimp out... mainly because I am one of the Mods (Thank you Kuro and Electra! *kisses*). For good yaoi action go to shiny_yaoi

And I can't get the "You Spin me Right Round (like a record)" the remix by Thalia.. it soooooo rocks.

I can imagine so many things.. like Luminale dancing to it.

Which reminds me, I need to create a character journal for grand_fantasy where Kuro and I are creating a Citan and Sigurd clone couple named Ademus and Shuurin who is basically this world power, Ademus is Shuurin's (Sigurd's) little spy for the Fayth Dreamers and Summoners. Hell they've already had OOC IC sex on Shuurin's desk.. soooo.. *falls over*

Note to Self: OOC IC moments are getting -very- much out of hand... must squelch.

Citan: *Like that will -really- happen*

*yawns and stretches* Another day, another day...
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