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~So let your heart flow, sing it to your soul~

Oh man, I went to sleep at 10 last night and I wake up at 9:15 this morning, that equals a little more then 11 hours of sleep.. I swear, Nia can be a big sleepy-head when she wants to be. However from all that sleep, I feel myself wanting to keel myself over and fall asleep on this keyboard.

I really need to do some Sirius and Remus RP. My Citan muse has left me alone for the most part (finally) but now it is Remus and he is whacking me over head with cookies, I think it is because he sees my Snape Muse get it from Michelle's Remus muse and so he thinks it is unfair and wants a Sirius of his own.

Of course he has Sora's Sirius muse to play with except me and Sora have 3 times the projects that me and Michelle have and so for me and Sora it is a different RP every time. And since Sora is online sporadically, those projects have fallen aside. One of them of course being the Kiros x Laguna FF_AU RP. Shame on you Kiros, lusting after a teacher. *snickers*

Damn it, how does Simon Lebon still manage to sound -damn- hot. *is listening to the clip of Sunrise again*

I mean that guy must have a voice designed to give me an orgasm. -_-

Of course I think he is damn freaky otherwise. But hearing him and not looking at him, I can crush on him.

Now Nick Rhodes.. he's my adorable guy.. especially in the music video, "Serious". (Yes, Nia has their music video collection too..). Ah I long for the days of John Taylor x Nick Rhodes slash. I remember playing John Taylor and Nick Rhodes slash with Mel.. -_- . Of course after the breakup, she no doubt burnt every Duran Duran thing she owned.. I mean it was only clear that she was only into alot of things because I was in to them. -_-

Why the fuck am I thinking about Mel. I sense a pattern here. *kicks stuff*

Did you know that 60 percent of the stuff on my playlist is depressing stuff.. the rest.. it's in japanense.


I think "Building A Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan would be a theme song for me.

"Can you look out the window
Without your shadow getting in the way"

Sarah McLachlan must of been thinking of me

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