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I am curious and so I shall pose this question to all those on my friend's list.

What are -three- musical groups or artists that you feel -define- you. We all have favorite groups and they are our favorite groups for a -reason-. So just sound off about your three favorite musical groups or artists, either post it in your journal for me to read or post it in a comment to this entry.

I'll start with me. ^_^

Duran Duran: Well first of all the soundtrack that is coming out for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, well Duran Duran actually has a -new- song on that soundtrack called "Sunrise" I listened to it on the site and I tell you I had an audiogasm. Duran Duran has done with their career what I have essentially done with my life to this date. Very mutable... very ecclectic. They started out with lyrics that were poppy yet simplistic and then their last album (Pop Trash ) was impressive because it melded alot of science fiction sounds. *eyes my playlist* I have 82 Duran Duran songs on it.. that's alot.. if you think about it.

Sting I am of the opinion that all of Life's little mysteries and questions can be answered in the album, Brand New Day but that is just because I can relate to it all. Sting, he just manages to take all these ethnic influences and meld them. Music that is melancholy, music that is beautiful.. music that is all about life. His music makes me -like- people more. (if that sounds strange)

And thirdly,

E-Type: And of course the start on this craze is all thanks to lostangelssong who is instrumental in my music taste opening up.. here and Silver Winged. I don't know, I just like the beat and the techno rapping, it just intriques me.. not to mention the lyrics are rather driving for it being dancey. It never ceases to make me try to get dance, I could groove to this type of music.. constantly.

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