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~Five Songs~

Of course I was bound to pick it up again. These are five songs that I randomly generate on my playlist and -why- I have them on my playlist.

"Thieves Like Us" by New Order

The intro instrumentals to the song is -very- long.. and you are almost halfway through to the song before you get into the words.. but once you do.. they are really worth it. The song, or rather how I interpret it is that the song is about love, about the orgins and basically the evolution of love.

"Oh it's called love, yes it's called love
Oh it's called love.. and it belongs to us.
Oh it dies so quickly
It grows so slowly..
But when it dies, it dies for good..
It's called love.. and it belongs to everyone but us."

If you like new wave, definitely check out New Order, excellent group.. I got addicted to them when I got the CD from CDnow. And I had heard the Orgy version of "Blue Monday" But I digress.

"Somnias Memorias" from Parasite Eve.

Very holy sounding song and it is the song for my muse, Mathias Jaevyn. The Xenogears incarnation, not the UO one. *pets Sora* Though now that I think about, "Somnias Memorias" -could- fit UO Mathias. Though the Hounds of Winter is alot more fitting for him. When I hear the song, I think of a forest, very calming and soothing.. light pouring through the canopy and bathing the world in something surreal and peaceful. Worshiping the tree god... and I really dig the singing in spanish. It makes me wish I had paid attention in spanish... instead of throwing spitballs. *heh's* I was a bad girl in HS.

"At long intervals between memories
Something inside me awakened
And I finally knew love, kindness
Sadness and pain
Does this lead everything to it's end?"

"Don't Say It's Love" by Johnny Hates Jazz

Now this appeals to my fatalistic side... I associate this with Dean. who is Dean you ask? Oh dear.. don't ask. If I have a predominate stalker, it would be Dean. He is indeed the pathetic of the pathetic. To think of an example.. *hurms* Well I can't think of it, all I know is that he's been in love with me since we were 14, and that is a pretty damn long time in my book. I am not proud of this fact people. -_- But at any rate we had a good friendship. This is the song I would sing to someone who I consider a stalker.

"Now somewhere there's someone whose waiting for you
To love you more then I could
Your heart is misunderstood.."

"Toki no Hourousha" from Final Fantasy Pray.

Beautiful vocal song of the beginning/world theme from FF6.. my favorite FF by far.. (though FFX-2 is coming pretty damn close) I remember listening to this song for the first time when I was out in Qatar.. and I have come to associate all the songs on Final Fantasy Pray and Final Fantasy Love Will Grow as traveling songs.. because I remember listening to it while I was on the plane ride.. there is something ultinately surreal about listening to this song and looking out the plane window, seeing the clouds pass underneath you in a symphony of whites and pinks. It was a transcendant moment for me where I tried to think of perspective for my life.

Music affects my soul in such innerly religious ways that it isn't even funny.

"Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette

Something I should definitely do -more- of. I am like the Citan in that respect where I do not listen to my emotions as often as I should.. that is why at times they get so out of control. I know I should but quite honestly it is hard.. *blahs* Because my logic is always trying to kick in.. My logic right now wants a break though.. I won't give it to him though. -_- My logic also wants a paid vacation..

Well I should go to sleep now.. I think I dissected enough song lyrics as it is.. there are 5 songs on my playlist! *grins* I highly suggest you do the same.. it's a very introspective occupation. -_-

Ja ne! *to quote Sora-bunny*


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