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~You got a way of turning ashes into flame~

Well I -am- making progress on my Sigurd x Citan smut fic. They just made it to the bed and now Sigurd is going to use his MAD PYR0 SKILLZ to start a fire. *snickers* No he is not going to trash the room, he's going to light candles.. AWWWW...

I will get this finished, I promise. Hopefully in the next few days. *crosses fingers*

And then I will start on the Real Emotion songfic for Baralai. *hee's*

And I am downloading music by Sweetbox per rikku's suggestion (not really suggestion but she mentioned it and I pulled the thread) Very nice stuff. Thank you! *bows to Rikku*

I really need to finish "For Love of Evil" by Piers Anthony. I have been reading my way through the incarnations of imortality series. Also been forcing my husband to read it.. he likes the series, I don't blame him.. excellent. And when I finish that, I will work on the Vampire Chronicles again. Mmmmm Vampire slash.. *shivers*
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