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~I know I am posting quite a bit~

I think I have gotten the idea for something.. a fanfiction spinoff of Xenogears.. that takes place in modern day.. between Sigurd and Citan.. the names wouldn't change, neither would the personalities and perhaps some of the ties.. but it would take place in this modern world. I think that could be poignant.

I got this bit of inspiration from listening to, "Ichibyo no Refrain", the first ending song for Getbackers... and I imagined Citan and Sigurd walking through the rain, really a beautiful mental imagery.

Here is the translation of the song that brought it on..

"There's glass art in my heart that remains untangled
I only believe in you, the refrainment I feel

Used to walking to the station along that path
Taking out my umbrella on a rainy day
I gathered with my usual friends
Can't go back, can't go back to the vending machine I leaned on

I can't find it anywhere, my heart can't be honest
I will keep looking for you, wherever you are in this world

There's glass art in my heart that remains untangled
There's no one who knows the true me
Lying and laughing.. it was always lonely somewhere
I only believed in you, the refrainment I feel

A face I yearned for long ago
Someone who'se trembling with sadness
Someday my friends will leave
I want to see you, I want to see you.. the person I admire

My precious feelings are already hidden deep in my heart
I will keep looking for you more then anyone else in the world

There's glass art in my heart that remains untangled
I want to show you everything about the true me
Can you hear me? Can you not? My voice from far away
I believe in you, the refrainment that I feel"

Why do I -love- this pairing so much? Why am I so enamored with this relationship that I want to dissect and savor all faucets. My other pet pairings cannot even hold a -candle- to it. Citan and Sigurd are the perfect couple.. and I -want- something like that.. I do.. despite all my fatalistic ramblings.. I want their soulbond.

Sorry for posting too much everyone. I promise this is the last one tonight! ^_^

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