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~Random OOC while RPing the Final Fantasy 4 storyline with lostangelssong~

OneWingedHyu: (I just got the worse mental image..)
LostAngelsSong: (Oh daer. What mental image did you get?)
OneWingedHyu: (It was Rosa talking like Gollum and trying to punt Kain aka Sam off a cliff.. while Cecil aka Frodo defends the little beast..)
OneWingedHyu: (Lord of the Cecil..)
OneWingedHyu: (*dies*)
OneWingedHyu: (It's Miiiiiine.. my precioussssss..)
LostAngelsSong: (::snickers madly:: Oh GODS)
OneWingedHyu: (I really do wish I had a video camera in my head.. *snickers*)
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