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Kuro and Electra are such great people I swear. I think I almost died at the conversation we had yesterday. My poor Citan muse has been traumitized for life and it is all Kuro's -FAULT-. Also my Baralai muse is fairly happy with everything that's been happening. Both Kuro, Baralai muse and I have determined that Nooj is a water slut.. because every time that Baralai and Nooj have sex, it invovles water in some way, shape or form.

Like at the Mt Gazeget hot Springs.. in the shower.. ummm.. now him, Gippal and Nooj are stuck in a beach cabana right by the pounding of the waves.. and when the threesome had sex the first time, I'm pretty sure it was raining on the Thunder Plains.

Ah Kuro, Electra, I heart you guys! ^_^

It is a tradition for me to ask Kuro to marry me every day.. every day she says yes.. WHEEE!

I think Electra, Kuro and I should become sphere hunters.. we can be a dynamic threesome JUST LIKE YRP! *giggles*

Except I think me and Electra might fight to see who would be Paine. *snickers* There'd be two Paines..


And ONE Rikku!


Yes, this is Nia with caffine.. be wary!
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