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~Meme gacked from kdelioncourt

Put all your music files into Winamp, and list the first 20 that come up on shuffle.

1.) Steppin & Shakin by Da Pump
2.) Here I Go Again by E-Type
3.) The Swan Song by Loreena McKennitt
4.) Shokoreito by Klaha
5.) Never Coming Home by Sting
6.) So Crazy by Namie Amuro
7.) Butterfly by Smile D.K
8.) Radical Dreamer from Chrono Cross
9.) Venice Drowning by Duran Duran
10.) Tales of Phantasia OP by ??
11.) Dancing Calebreana from FF Celtic Moon
12.) Otome no Ranman from Fushigi Yuugi (Nuriko)
13.) Notorious by Duran Duran
14.) World in My Eyes by Depeche Mode
15.) Todokanu Omoi from Sailor Moon (The Starlights)
16.) So Misled by Duran Duran
17.) Can You Keep a Secret by Utada Hikaru
18.) Moments in Love by Art of Noise
19.) Piano in the Dark by Brenda Russell
20.) Something Going On by When in Rome
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